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That Line Ain’t So Straight (Thinking Outside of Labels)

addicktion3coverEnver Mann, of Exercising His Options, is one of my more complex characters who brings about the question : Can a straight man be in a gay relationship and still be straight? In my opinion and the way I wrote him, Enver is a straight man who falls in love, or at least, in lust with another man. By some people’s standard (or label) that makes him bisexual. I disagree and here’s why:

I feel like I should begin this post telling the story of a high school girlfriend. Her name was Jennifer Moon and she was one of my best friends. She and I rode the school bus together and shared musical interests. In our junior year she confided in me that she had fallen in love. And although all of her previous mates had been boys, she told me the love of her life was a girl. Now I had already come out as gay so the idea of a same sex relationship was not foreign to me. What did strike me as a little peculiar was the fact that she still identified as straight even though she was dating a girl. This began a lifelong journey for me of trying to explore or understand the grey areas of sexuality, which are not unlike the Fifty Shades of Gray, but hopefully more mysterious (and better written).

So we come back to our original question: can a straight person have a gay relationship and still be considered straight? Not bisexual, not queer, but straight. In my understanding of universal love anyone can be what they want to be regardless of label. We, as human beings, try to confine ourselves to these various boxes and tell ourselves that we must maintain status quo. There is only one problem with that. As Dr. Horrible says, “the status is not quo”. I have met many people who have fallen in love with someone of the same sex but still identified as heterosexual because they saw their love for that person as platonic. Never realizing that the person they are talking about is their soul mate. Well I’m here to tell you that labels are for cans and should not be applied to love in any of its various forms. EVER! We do more harm to ourselves and to others when we try to live within the lines simply because we’re afraid to give someone a two minute explanation of our relationship rather than a two second quote.

I personally say “Fuck Em All”. I am a gay man. I am married to a woman. But there is no one that I feel I owe an explanation to. That doesn’t mean I won’t talk about it, if I feel that someone is open minded enough to handle me talking about the details of my relationship. But the given there is that there is a complexity and an intimacy in my relationship that very few people can or will understand. So I don’t even try (in most situations). I’m sure that there are plenty of people that I have encountered that are convinced that one day I will “come out of the closet”, divorce my wife and have a torrid love affair with a man. What they don’t understand is that I would never leave my wife and I still have many torrid love affairs with men, and my wife knows about every one of them. There is an agreement, an open honest understanding, between she and I that many people will never get. So to end this rant I will say simply yes a straight man can go gay, a gay man can go straight, and all to hell with all the pretty little boxes. May we destroy them as easily as we have created them.


Exercising His Options

When Enver Mann started jogging every morning, it was at his wife’s provocation. After a year, he’s still at it, but now it’s his choice. Little does he know, that choice may open up a whole world to him. While jogging one day, he happens upon two men having sex, and for the first time he wants that. The man with the red hair and the incredible ass. And while his mind might second guess him, his wife doesn’t. When she instigates their encounter, Enver knows he will never look at life, or sex, the same way again.


Wt Prater is a writer, having four short stories in various states of publishing, and approximately thirty works in progress. Just Write and SO Gay is his blog, which he strives to update weekly. He is a producer and host on Blog Talk Radio, partnering with Marketing for Romance Writers of which he helps lead. He is also an Assistant Organizer of the Nashville Writer’s Group. Online, he has active social networking on Facebook, Twitter, Fetlife, Linked In, Tumbler, Goodreads, and Meet Up. In real life, he stays just as busy bouncing around in his non-profit volunteering from the GLBT community to the BDSM community to church community.


As Enver Mann looked at Kurt’s hair caught in the wind, and the freckles on the back of his neck that disappeared somewhere into his jacket, Enver wanted nothing more than for this man to lay him down and kiss him. All of course while he was fucking him as hard as he could. The breeze continued to blow the leaves up and around, creating still more of the tornado like shapes. As the sun continued to peek out of the sky, from behind a cloud, Enver noticed that it now set its gentle light on some places while leaving some spots completely dark. He looked at Kurt again and saw that the light bounced from his copper hair to his now sweaty shirt. For the first time that he could remember in his life, his mouth actually watered for a sexual act. Thinking of that tender flesh, and the taste he had been yearning for since he had first seen Kurt, he got even harder. Every dream and desire for the last week or so had all involved this man, in some form or fashion. His wife made sure of that.


  1. Karen Hatfield

    Youre not alone. My husband was a straight man who enjoyed men on the side. He loved me and I left him have his affairs and knew about everyone one of them. There is nothing wrong with open love as long as everyone agrees. Labels are for fools.

  2. Sam

    I very much enjoyed your story in 50 Gays of Shade. Looking forward to delving into Envers story.

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