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Thank you Mychael for allowing me to come over and say Hi!

As I sit and write this I can’t quite believe it’s 2017 but it is! Wow so many things happened in 2016 but I’m going to focus on two of those things.

Firstly the release of my erotic steampunk anthology. This was the third book in the Valves & Vixens series. Like the other two this is packed with great steampunk themed stories in a wide range of pairings.


This book includes stories from:

Katherine Evans
SS Hampton Sr.
Jean Roberta
P.R. Chase
Vivian Gwynn
Parker Roye
Kim Knox

Editing this series was a lot of fun as I got a little spoiled having so much great writing from so many different authors being sent to me from all over the world. Over the three anthologies steampunk has traveled all over this world, gone to space, the past, future and even other worlds. Steampunk has more recently become a more mainstream genre and has fascinated me for a long time. With a slight Victorian/Edwardian twist on fashion and lots of steam technology what’s not to love?

You can find the book here:
Amazon UK:
Amazon USA:


Then later in the year A Dose of Murder, Mystery and Mayhem came out.


The theme for this one was stories of people investigating a murder, being caught up in a mystery or just generally in mayhem. For this anthology I had a wide range of stories submitted covering all sub-genre’s and it was so much fun to read them. Just like I have had an interest in steampunk for a while I grew up reading Sherlock Holmes and many other famous detectives so I loved putting this anthology together.

This book includes stories from:

Michael Bracken
P.R. Chase
Albert Tucher
Casey Pascal
Logan Zachary
Edmond Fumki
Morrigan Cox
Hollis Queens

You can find the ebook version here:
Amazon UK:
Amazon USA:

As for what 2017 has in store, well we’ll just have to wait and see but I have some stories in the works and maybe even an anthology idea or two!

In the meantime why not heat up your January and take a look at the great authors in the books? You may even find a new favourite author!


About Nicole

Nicole Gestalt has been writing erotica for many years. When Nicole is not writing and editing she loves spending her time with her partner, walking and drinking lots of mocha’s, particularly if they have whipped cream on top. Nicole loves hearing from her readers and can be found at her website ( ) but you can also find her spending far too much time on Twitter: @Author1539

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