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Sienna is a hard working young copywriter at a New York advertising agency who faces her most difficult project when she is assigned to oversee a video shoot at Shaw Productions, run by the controlling and talented photographer Hunter Shaw.

It turns out Hunter’s dominant tendencies extend beyond his time behind a lens, and a spark of attraction leads Sienna into unfamiliar territory when Hunter propositions her to become his submissive.

Can she learn to navigate her career, her friendships and her unconventional romance?


The waitress brought our drinks over, setting them down in front of us. Hunter and I both thanked her. I took a deep sip of my gin and tonic, trying to summon up the nerve to bring up the topic I knew I really shouldn’t.

“I had a look through your files, before I realized I had the wrong USB,” I began.

Hunter picked up his drink and took a sip. “The images, yes, you told me. They’re not for a campaign, those are my personal files.”

“They were stunning,” I told him. He rewarded me with a warm, genuine smile.

“Thank you Sienna, I appreciate that.”

I looked down at my hands, fiddling with the straw of my drink nervously.

Hunter finally broke the tense silence. “Is there something on your mind Sienna?”

I took a deep breath, still looking down at my hands – still not sure of what exactly I was doing. “I also, um, kind of opened your contract.”

“Ah,” he said. “I see.”

I looked him in the eyes, genuinely curious. “What was that contract for, Hunter?”

“Well, Sienna, I guess you could say I have somewhat unconventional relationships. I never intended for you to see that, I keep that part of my life fairly private and hope I can count on your discretion.”

“Oh, of course. Everyone deserves privacy, Hunter, I had just never see seen anything like that and I was a bit curious, that’s all.”

Hunter took another sip of his drink and grinned at me. “How curious are you exactly, Sienna?”

My cheeks flushed bright red as he stared into me. I looked around the crowded bar and decided to take the seat beside him so that I could discretely ask him a few more questions.

“How does it work for you? When you date someone, is there paperwork? Is it a binding legal document? And what-“

Hunter threw his head back and laughed. “Wow, Sienna. I wasn’t expecting these types of questions tonight.”

The silence stretched out between us and I realized I had been bombarding a virtual stranger with questions about his sex life. What was I doing? This wasn’t like me. I felt nervous in his presence. Sitting so close to Hunter Shaw, smelling the rich and woodsy cologne at his neck, it had a dizzying effect on me.

I glanced down at my hands nervously, I couldn’t think straight. Professional, professional, professional, I repeated to myself.

Hunter lowered his head and made eye contact with me. “I know we work together Sienna, and I respect that, but I’m very attracted to you and I think there’s something between us.”

I met his gaze then looked away quickly. What was I doing? I was out flirting with the photographer our agency had an arrangement with, who I had discovered was apparently into some fairly kinky stuff. No good could come from this.


About the Author
Daisy R. Miller is an undercover romance writer and insatiable tease who adores alpha males & curious women. You can follow her on Twitter (and say hi!) @DaisyMillerxo

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