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03-his-realityTitle: His Reality
Author: Casper Graham
Pairing: M/M/M/M
Publisher: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.
Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 21,947
Genre: Alternative (M/M, Gay), Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal

Official Release Date: Wednesday, January 18th
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[Siren Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/M, HEA]


Wesley Hamilton is an unclaimed omega who has resigned himself to spending the rest of his life alone, looking after his little bookstore. Then three billionaire alphas, Dylan Wayne, Bruce Rockwell, and Hunter Phillips, enter his life unexpectedly. Unfortunately, their first meeting is less than cordial. The three alphas try to persuade him to break the lease on the contract of his bookstore, but he is unwilling to do so.

Then, Wesley discovers the unique relationship among the three alphas. Out of sheer curiosity, he agrees to a dinner date with them. He does not expect to enjoy it so much. Or to be deeply attracted to all three alphas when the evening ends. Is there a place for Wesley among the alphas? Or is he destined to live the remainder of his life unclaimed and without a mate to spend his heats with?

Note: This book contains double penetration.
Note: This book contains triple penetration.


PG Excerpt:

Wesley woke up the next morning feeling more refreshed. He had slept more soundly than he usually did. The musky scent of the alphas all over his face and body probably made him feel safer, which in turn resulted in a deeper sleep. He took care of his morning ablutions before preparing a simple breakfast of toast with peanut butter and jelly. He then finished his cup of chamomile tea before going out of the apartment. It was almost time to open the bookstore.

His bookstore did not have a formal name. It was simply registered as “The Bookstore.” There were not many customers that morning, so he returned to the apartment for a simple lunch of stir-fried vegetables and rice. Business was better in the afternoon, though. There were quite a few buyers looking to purchase the latest installment of that popular magic realism series, which had been launched three days ago. Fortunately, he still had them in stock. He knew, based on past experiences, that all the available copies would generally be sold out in less than a week after the initial release date. He made a mental note to contact his supplier and request more copies of the same book. There was no harm in keeping a few extra copies around just in case the customers asked for that particular item.

The three alphas had been sending him separate text messages throughout the day. They ranged from something small like a morning greeting all the way to something more serious and slightly arousing like “Your scent still lingers in the car. I wish I could scent mark you right now.” He whistled happily and continued to tidy up the books that were out of place after the last customers had been browsing through the shelves. He did this quite often when there was a lull in the bookstore because it would save him time later during the closing hour.

“Hey, Wesley.”

A familiar and unwelcome voice startled him. It was Nick, one of the single alphas who worked in the offices nearby. He suppressed an irritated sigh and turned to face the alpha.

“Hi, Nick,” he answered curtly.

This alpha had persisted in asking him out despite the numerous rejections. Besides, the alpha’s musky scent smelled really sour. He frankly had run out of ideas on how to politely reject the advances of this particular alpha other than to be honest and informed the man that he really did not like the man’s stench.

Unfortunately, this alpha had been pestering him rather often over the last few months. If Nick were nicer and less of a brute who only thought with his cock, he might have agreed to a date or two with the alpha regardless of how undesirable his alpha musk was. He might have been a single, unclaimed omega, but he was not desperate enough to return Nick’s advances. He had enough standards, regardless of how desperate he was to be claimed and mated to an alpha. He believed that it would be better to stay single for the rest of his life than to be attached to an alpha who was more concerned about themselves and their overinflated ego.

“How about a nice dinner date after work before we go back to my place for a few rounds of mind-blowing sex? I will fuck you really good.”

“How about no?” he replied as calmly as he could before returning to his task.

He yelped when he was lifted up and shoved roughly against one of his bookshelves, which was, fortunately, sturdy enough to withstand the impact. He quickly calculated the risk of fighting back. He might be a good fighter due to his self-defense lessons, but a furious, feral alpha would certainly pose a much higher risk. Additionally, and unfairly, alphas were genetically stronger.

“Listen, omega,” Nick growled at him. It was obvious to him that the alpha was turning feral really fast. “I’ve had enough of your rejections. You’ll go out with me tonight or else…”

Wesley tried to break free, but he knew that it would be almost impossible for any omega to get themselves released from the tight grip of a feral alpha. He was not sure that he could take on this alpha in a fight under this circumstance, but he had to try his best.

“Unhand him now!”

Wesley was startled by the sound of Bruce’s snarling voice coming from the direction of the door. He craned his neck as far as he could and noticed that Hunter and Dylan were standing next to Bruce. All three alphas’ eyes had turned red in anger. He could smell how furious they were from the pheromones that they released into the air. He honestly wanted to weep in relief. He might consider himself a strong, independent omega, but this was one of those times when he was truly glad to get any kind of assistance from the alphas.

“Fuck off. It’s none of your business,” Nick retorted.

“I’m not going to repeat myself. Unhand him now!” Bruce gritted out.

“Or what?” Nick taunted the furious alpha, who charged at him.

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Author’s Bio:

Casper Graham loves to read, listen to music and watch movies in his spare time. His handheld device rarely leaves his hand as the muse hits at unexpected moments and he needs to take note of everything before it is gone. He is currently in a relationship with a wonderful man. Four years and counting!

You may find out more about him at

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