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Playing With Fire

If you play with fire you’re going to get burned. But if you write dragon shifter books the burn is pure pleasure.

I often look to the sky for inspiration. Winged creatures have the freedom to soar high above the earth and ride the wind. I live on the Central California coast and enjoy watching gulls, terns, pelicans and the occasional hawk. If I couldn’t have wings and experience flight, I decided to give the gift of flight to my characters, creating shapeshifting winged heroes and heroines.

My dragons soar and dive. Their wings flap, flutter and snap. Although their wings are important, dragons are far more complex. They have horns, scales, talons and beautiful long tails. They breathe fire and blow smoke and that’s why I love dragon shifters. All that fire stirs my imagination.

My first adventure in the world of dragons was Heartfire. The book is part of a sci-fi vampire series I wrote for Changeling Press. The series was recently released in a collection, Vazan Vampires. My Hearfire hero is a vampire and I wanted to give him a real challenge, a heroine with the ability to shift into the form of a fire-breathing dragon.

I loved my Heartfire heroine so much I wanted to write a book with a dragonshifter hero and heroine. I wrote Kiss of Fire. Two dragons made for one hot story. Kiss of Fire has just been released in a multi-author collection, Bedtime Stories. I hope you enjoy the excerpt I have chosen from Kiss of Fire.


B.J. McCall writes for Changeling Press, Cobbestone Press, ERedSage and Ellora’s Cave and is published in paranormal, sci-fi, urban fantasy and contemporary genres. She loves dragon, werewolf and vampire characters. Check out all of her books at


Bedtimestories_collection_ReneeKISS OF FIRE

Bedtime Stories editor Claire Casson is on the run. Her job as the housekeeper at Dragon Haven is a convenient cover, but the sudden death of her employer and the arrival of his son, Jonas Thornkill, threaten to expose her secrets.

Why his father chose to offer sanctuary to an employee, a shifter with a false identity, perplexes Jonas as much as his intense, primal attraction to Claire. According to dragon law, he’s stuck with her.

The last thing Claire wants or needs in her life is the complication of an alpha dragon capable of setting her blood on fire.

For Jonas, it’s a matter of honor, and lust.



Jonas snapped his wings, spreading them wide. He dropped his feet, slowing his speed, and settled gently onto the lighted manicured lawn. Folding his wings, Jonas shifted, dragon to man. Scales shimmering, his form shrank, wings transformed to arms, talons became toes and his tail vanished.

He flexed his arms and legs, shaking off the mental fatigue of a twelve-hour day with the lawyers and corporate executives of Thornkill Properties. Naked, he took the outside stairs to the balcony of his bedroom. Although Dragon Haven was now his, Jonas wasn’t ready to move into the master suite, preferring the mini-suite once occupied by his mother.

After a quick shower, he dressed in casual clothes. The simple drawstring pants and T-shirt were made of cotton, an expensive fabric in a world where land was a prized commodity. Slipping on a pair of sandals, Jonas headed for the study. He ran his fingertips over the ancient desk used by generations of Thornkills, noting that the wood was polished and dust free.

Claire Casson was an excellent housekeeper, but why had his father chosen to offer sanctuary to an employee, a shifter with a false identity, a woman without a traceable past?

“Mr. Thornkill.”

Jonas looked up and his heart nearly stopped. His reaction was carnal, primal and intense.

She wasn’t the most beautiful dragon shifter in the world, just the only one that made him feel like his heart was going to jump out of his chest.

She wore her auburn hair in a long braid, escaping tendrils framing an arresting face. Her cheeks were slightly flushed and her lips pink, the fuller lower lip far too kissable. Whenever she was in the same room, Jonas swore he felt a sensual heat flow between them.

Nothing in her demeanor, her actions or words demonstrated she harbored similar thoughts, but an innate sensuality surrounded her.

Had his father succumbed to her charms? If not, what had prompted him to change his will?

Jonas tore his gaze from her mouth and looked into her green eyes. Heat snaked through him. He couldn’t look at her without thinking of her naked, her skin silky hot against his. He was drawn to her, the pull so strong he’d stayed away from Dragon Haven until the circumstances forced him to return.

Anger welled up mixing with sexual frustration. The intensity of his desire made him feel out of control. Jonas, recently separated from an elite paranormal military unit, prided himself on handling difficult and dangerous situations.

How was it this female had gotten under his skin?



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