Vacation Planning

“Vacation Planning”
by Mychael Black

Eric groaned, damn good dream interrupted by shrill beeping. He reached out and slapped around on the bedside table. When his fingers found the clock, he took great joy in slamming his hand down on the snooze button. Tugging the blanket up over his head to block out the world, he was just about ready to catch a few more Z’s when the covers were rudely yanked off the bed. Eric grabbed his pillow and hurled it at the German Shepherd he knew was there. The pillow came back, whacking him square in the face.

“What the fuck?” He sat up so quickly, he made himself lightheaded.

“About time you woke up.”

Rolling his eyes, Eric fell backward onto the bed with a groan. “What are you doing here, Scott? I thought you were taking a vacation.” He felt the bed dip beside him.

“I am. So are you. I gave Rusty a couple of weeks off.”


Scott chuckled, the sound deep and rich and… Whoa. No fantasizing about your best friend, dude.

“We’re going on a cruise.”

“What? I can’t go on a cruise, you idiot! I’ll fall off the boat!”

Hot breath suddenly caressed Eric’s right ear. “Not with me standing guard,” Scott whispered.

Eric barely managed to suppress the shiver. “What exactly do you expect a blind man to do on a cruise ship? I can’t watch the shows. I can’t see the slot machines in the casino. I can’t even see the fucking ocean.”

“You can feel the Caribbean breeze,” Scott answered. He hadn’t moved. “You can smell the salt, taste it when you lick your lips.”

What if I lick yours? “You really drive a hard bargain.” Eric could almost feel his best friend’s smirk.

“Good. Let’s get you packed. We have to be at the airport in three hours. I brought your passport from the safety deposit box. Oh, and I opted out of the regular shore excursions. I figured we’d just stay on the ship, or go shopping at the ports.”

“You had this shit planned, didn’t you?” Eric asked as he got up, stretching.

“How’d ya guess?”

Eric felt a whoosh of air as Scott tossed what Eric assumed was a suitcase onto the bed. “This is what I get for giving you a key to my house.”

“You bet.” A hand touched Eric’s arm, fingers trailing down to his hand. “Just think: warm, Caribbean sun, cool drinks, no work—all for two weeks.”

“Mmm…” Eric couldn’t stop the moan. He needed a vacation; Scott was right. “You could tempt a saint into anything.”

That hand caught his hand and tugged Eric down onto the bed. He didn’t have time to form a protest before soft lips found his own. What…? There was no tongue, but it was enough. Scott pulled back and all Eric could do was lay there, stunned.

“Where did that come from?” he asked quietly.

Scott sighed and started to get up, muttering, “Just thought…”

Eric grabbed Scott’s…arm? Hand! And tugged him back down. “Shut up and do it again.”

A brief moment passed, then those lips were on his again. Eric sighed and opened to the kiss, groaning when Scott’s tongue slipped into his mouth. He couldn’t believe it was happening, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to question it. He reached up and found Scott’s shoulder, fingers gripping tight as he sucked on his friend’s tongue. Hardness pressed against his hip, the heat from Scott’s body searing his skin, even through Scott’s pants and Eric’s boxers. Licking Eric’s lips softly, Scott pulled back and stroked a finger down Eric’s face.

“Please tell me I didn’t just royally fuck up.”

Eric smiled and shook his head. “God, no. I’ve been waiting for that for so fucking long.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Don’t know,” Eric said with a shrug. “Wasn’t sure how you’d react. I was afraid I’d screw up our friendship.”

“So was I.” Scott kissed his lips again. “I take it I didn’t?”

Eric shook his head. “Only way it could screw shit up is if you stop now.”

“Been waiting for a while,” Scott whispered, lips moving down the front of Eric’s throat. “God, Eric, I want to touch you so fucking bad.”

“How long we got again?” Okay, so, yeah…he was needing. Bad.

“Long enough for a quickie.” Warm wetness washed over the hollow of Eric’s throat, Scott’s tongue tracing lines and swirls on his skin. “Please…” A hand cupped Eric through his boxers, encasing his balls and prick in heated silk.

“Fuck, yes. Get naked.”

When Scott moved, Eric shoved his boxers down and off, kicking them somewhere across the room. He heard Scott chuckle, then hands were on his hips, helping him move higher up on the bed. The heat of Scott’s body was delicious, pure fucking bliss. Eric found Scott’s arms and slid his hands up, loving the curving hardness of the muscles beneath his fingers. Continuing upward, he smiled when he touched Scott’s face, mapping the features once more. He’d done it before, when they first met seven years ago, but this time, he was looking at Scott with the knowledge that his dreams were finally coming true.

“Hey there,” Scott murmured, dropping a kiss to his lips as strong legs muscled his apart. His thighs rested on Scott’s, and the tip of Scott’s cock teased at his hole.

“Rubbers and lube are in the bedside table.”

“Got ‘em.” Something dropped to the bed near Eric’s shoulder. “But first…” Scott’s words trailed off as he slid down Eric’s body, those lips doing damnable things to Eric’s insides with feather-light kisses. “Want to taste.”

Eric didn’t have a chance to answer before searing, moist heat enveloped the head of his prick. His breath blew out of him in a sharp gasp as Scott sucked him down slowly, tongue teasing the vein running along the underside, down to the base. Eric reached down, and when his fingers touched Scott’s soft, short hair, he held on, entire world spinning as Scott’s lips and tongue worked up and down his cock.

“Not gonna last,” he warned breathlessly.

One of Scott’s hands slid up his inner thigh, parting Eric’s legs even more. It left for a moment, Eric heard the cap on the lube pop open, and then one of Scott’s slick fingers pushed inside him. Already too far gone, it only took a couple strokes over his gland and Scott swallowing, and Eric was coming, hips jerking upward as he shot down his best friend’s throat.

“God damn,” he said on an exhale.

Scott chuckled softly and moved up, tongue parting Eric’s lips. Eric moaned and dove into the kiss, sucking his come from Scott’s tongue. He heard the crinkle of a package and Scott shifted, somehow managing to get the rubber on without breaking the kiss, then the blunt head of his cock was pressing into Eric, slowly stretching and filling him. Eric spread his legs wider, drawing them up a little. Scott changed the angle and ran one hand down Eric’s side to his hip, fingers curling to hold him.

“Let me in,” Scott whispered.

“Always.” Eric licked Scott’s lips and gasped, entire body shuddering as Scott thrust inside him. “Oh, God…”

“Waited so fucking long.” Scott’s voice was husky and deep, breath hot as hell against Eric’s cheek as Scott pulled out slowly, then pushed back in.

“Don’t stop, Scott. Oh, fuck, don’t stop.”

Eric held on, hands clutching Scott’s shoulders as Scott filled him again and again, the strokes long and deep. Heat spread through him, along his spine, his ass, his cock…


“Come on, babe,” Scott panted, his weight lifting a little. The thrusts grew stronger, cock stroking in and out, ratcheting the sensations up another thousand notches. “Eric…gonna come…”

It was all Eric could do to nod and his back bowed, ass clamping tight around Scott’s prick as he shot all over his stomach. Scott grunted and thrust hard twice, then pressed against him, hips grinding and rocking as Eric felt the prick inside him swell.

“Holy shit…” Scott’s weight was pressing him into the bed again, and the kiss that followed was drugging—hungry and deep.

“We got time for round two?” Eric chuckled softly as the kiss ended.

“If we combine it with a shower? Hell, yes.”

Eric had the distinct feeling Scott had only gotten one cabin on the ship. Or at least, he hoped so.

(c) 2007 Mychael Black