The Watcher

“The Watcher”
by Mychael Black

“Are you sure this it?” Patrick looked around and shivered. Something about camping out in a graveyard gave him the creeps, no matter how cool he thought it was.

“Of course, I’m sure,” Max said, sliding down the smooth surface of a newer headstone to sit on the ground. He pulled the backpack from Patrick’s hands and started digging through it. “Where’d you put the stuff?”

“What stuff?” Patrick asked, looking back at him finally.

Max stopped rummaging in the bag and peered at him from over the top of his glasses. “The joint. The camera.” A slow, wicked smile crept across his lips. “The lube and rubbers.”

Patrick chuckled and jerked the bag out of Max’s hand, tossing it to the side as he pushed Max down onto his back. He straddled Max’s lap and ground down hard on him. “Aw, is somebody horny?” he teased. He couldn’t help but lick his lips as Max’s crystal blue eyes darkened slowly beneath the clear lenses of his glasses.

“Maybe,” Max said in a low, rather husky voice. He grabbed Patrick’s hips and thrust up. “There’s just something incredibly erotic about fucking in a cemetery.”

Patrick could only nod before Max pulled him down into a deep, searing kiss. He pulled away long enough to lift Max’s glasses off and then resumed the kiss. Max’s hands drifted down to cup the cheeks of Patrick’s ass and Patrick was just about ready to rip their clothes off when he felt a light brush to the back of his neck. He shivered and moaned softly. Max always knew where to touch him to arouse him the most. The caress drifted over his neck again and then moved down his spine in a slow, lazy line.

“Mm, that feels good,” he murmured softly on Max’s lips. A squeeze to the cheeks of his ass was Max’s answer. Patrick froze. How could Max have touched his neck or back when his hands were….

“God, I want your ass,” Max groaned.

Every other thought that might have crossed Patrick’s mind made a quick beeline for the door with those words. He sat up and leaned over, pulling the backpack to them. He sifted around in it until he found the freezer bag with a small bottle of lube and three square, silver packages in it. He pushed the backpack away and scooted down until he was sitting on Max’s thighs. He looked up at Max’s face and kneaded the hard bulge in Max’s jeans. Seeing those blue eyes darken and glaze over in lust never failed to send shivers through Patrick’s body. He set the plastic bag down and bent over as he unzipped Max’s jeans.

“God, this is so fucking sexy,” Max said with a low groan. He lifted his hips, allowing Patrick to pull his jeans and underwear down. Without wasting a single minute, Patrick slid his mouth down Max’s cock. “Holy…” Max’s fingers slid through Patrick’s hair, tightening and releasing with every slide of Patrick’s lips up and down his shaft.

Patrick stroked his hand up and down, mimicking the movements of his lips, and Max arched his back as he thrust harder into Patrick’s mouth. Absorbed in sucking Max’s cock, Patrick didn’t realize that Max had completely froze beneath him. Even Max’s hands in his hair had stilled. Patrick pulled slowly away from Max’s cock and looked up to his face. Max’s head was tilted back and it looked like he was staring at the woods.

“Um, Max?”

“Shh.” Max lifted a hand and pointed up to the woods. “I thought I saw something.”

Patrick sat up fully and remained quiet as they both stared into the trees. “What do you think you saw?”

Max shook his head. “Don’t know. Whatever it was, it looked like a dog, but I swear I could see the trees right through it.”

“A dog? You think you might have seen a wolf?”

Max shrugged and looked back to Patrick. He crooked his finger as a wicked smile settled on his lips. “Come ‘ere. I want that ass, dammit.”

Forgetting all about whatever it was that Max saw in the trees, Patrick grinned and opened the bag. He pulled out the lube and one of the condom packages, then proceeded to sheath Max’s cock and slick it up within seconds. Max chuckled and thrust up, groaning as his slick cock glided through Patrick’s fist. Patrick gave it a squeeze and stood to shove his own pants down, kicking them off. As he sank down onto Max’s cock, Patrick let his head fall back, relishing the exquisite feeling of Max filling him. When he looked back down, however, it was his turn to freeze.

“Holy shit.”

“What?” Max asked breathlessly. He seemed to take no notice of Patrick having stopped and instead gripped Patrick’s hips, grinding their bodies together. “Oh, damn…You feel so fucking good.”

A figure moved out of the woods then. Patrick’s eyes widened just as Max came, grinding hard against him. The last thing Patrick remembered were the yellow eyes and the venom dripping from the fangs, seconds before they embedded themselves in his throat. The last sound Patrick heard was Max’s final screams.

© 2005 Mychael Black