by Mychael Black

The sound of Jared’s fist hitting bone made a satisfying crunch and he smirked as his opponent sank to the ground, bruised and battered. The crowd roared, the steel cage a flimsy barrier to the ravenous patrons. Jared flexed, muscles rolling, cock filling, as he drank in the bloodthirsty praise of his fans. Yet again, his title as the prize combatant of the city’s premiere fight club remained intact. Wolf or human, he had no equal here. He was king.

The cage door rattled when it opened. Jared walked out amid slaps on the back and more than his share of gropes. He shrugged it all off, heading straight for the makeshift bar. Blake, the bartender, who had more holes in his skinny body than nature intended, set an ice-cold bottle of some off-brand beer on the bar just as Jared sat on a rickety stool.

“Good show, ol’ man,” Blake shouted over the din of heavy music and calls for more blood as two more fighters–one huge human and one burly wolf–took the cage.

Jared nodded, lifted the beer in salute, then tossed half the contents back in one gulp. “Thanks.” He finished off the beer and slammed the bottle down. Thirst sated, he swept the crowd with a hungry gaze. When he found what he wanted, he licked his lips. Fucking perfect. The wolf inside him was just as hungry as the man for a hot, tight hole.

With Blake’s chuckle in the background, the music pounding in his ears, and the need to fuck pumping through his veins, Jared stalked across the room to a table in the corner. His prey for the evening stared up at him with pale gray eyes, rimmed in black. Equally black hair draped over slender shoulders, straight and shiny, even in the dim light. If it weren’t for the angular shape of the jaw, Jared would’ve sworn this was a chick. Wouldn’t have mattered, really–an ass, a pussy, he wasn’t picky.

“Interesting occupation you have.” There was the slightest hint of a Southern drawl buried in those words and long, slender fingers cupped a dark bottle.

Jared snorted. “Wanna fuck?”

One manicured eyebrow rose and the tempting morsel gave Jared a once-over that made his prick twitch. “Here? No. Somewhere more…private? Absolutely.”

Well, that was easy. Jared jerked a thumb over his shoulder. “Alley’s that way.”

“I don’t fuck in alleys.” Long legs swung out and the man stood up, comically short compared to Jared’s own six-foot-five. Jared wondered for a moment if the man’s asshole would even stretch around his prick. “Name is Geoff.”


“Jared,” Geoff interrupted. “I know.”

Jared bristled. “After you,” he growled. Skinny little fuckers and their pretentious games. It annoyed the piss out of him, but this one, he’d teach not to fuck with a wolf. Stupid goth kids.

Geoff gave him a cryptic smile and turned, presenting Jared with a mouthwatering view of a tight ass in black leather pants. At least the vamp-wannabe knew how to dress. Geoff walked out of the bar and into the dingy alley. The second the door closed, Jared made his move, slamming the man against the brick wall and taking a hard kiss. Geoff’s bottom lip split under the pressure and blood sweetened the assault. Jared lapped at it, the animal roaring deep inside. Vampiric blood. The shit was sweeter than a mortal’s, and far more addictive.

“Fucking vampire,” he snarled, catching Geoff’s wrists and pinning them above the vampire’s head. “What the fuck is your kind doing here? Not afraid of the big bad wolf?”

“Not at all.”

Without warning, a foot swept under Jared’s feet and he went down hard. He snapped and jumped up, wolf and human in him both ready to fight. Most vampires didn’t have the balls to step foot near this place. “Are all vampires that stupid?”

Geoff faded a split second before Jared lunged for him. Reappearing behind him, the vampire wrenched Jared’s muscular arms back with surprising strength. “I make the rules, pup. Got it?”

“Fuck you!”

“On the contrary…” Dangerously long teeth scraped the side of Jared’s neck, making the wolf snarl. “It is I who will be doing the fucking, and you begging for my cock up your ass.”

“Like hell,” Jared snapped. He jerked away and spun around, ready to strike, but the goddamn bloodsucker wasn’t there. What the fuck? Laughter, soft but teasing, came from above. Jared glared up to where the vampire sat perched on a rusty fire escape ladder.

“This is proving to be more fun that I thought,” Geoff mused.

“Get your skinny ass down here or I’m comin’ up for you.” Jared hated fucking games and he was growing rather tired of this one.

Geoff jumped, landing without incident in front of him. How the fuck could something so small, so insanely…puny, best him?


Jared blinked. “Excuse me?”

Fingers snapped in front of Jared’s face and one slender finger pointed to the ground. “On your knees.”

“Fuck no,” Jared snorted. Who did this son of a bitch think he was? Vampire or no, sexy as sin or no, Jared wasn’t about to drop and beg like a desperate pup for this man.

When he didn’t obey, Geoff reached up, grabbed Jared’s shoulders, and shoved him to his knees, joints connecting so hard with the concrete that Jared grunted in pain. What the fuck was this guy’s deal?

“Suck it,” Geoff ordered, pulling open his pants.

Despite the urge to rip this bloodsucking idiot to shreds, Jared couldn’t tear his gaze from the hard cock in front of him. Uncut, long, slender, it was the sweetest-looking thing Jared had ever seen, and that was saying something. Clear drops of pre-come beaded at the tip and he watched, transfixed, as Geoff stroked himself, spreading the liquid along skin so smooth, it looked like velvet. Jared licked his lips, his own cock throbbing in time to his heartbeat.

Geoff’s other hand came up to cup the back of Jared’s head and pulled him in closer. Jared inhaled, shuddering at the musky scent of blood and male, arousal thick in the air. He stared, gaze following the motion of Geoff’s hand as it slowly pumped up and down the shaft, thumb grazing the tip with every pass, spreading more wetness over the crown. With a growl, Jared tore Geoff’s hand away and sucked the man down, snarling around the cock sliding over his tongue.

Jesus fucking Christ. Heat, blood, spunk… Jared drowned in it all, head bobbing as he sucked. He didn’t care if anyone saw him out here, on his knees, deepthroating vamp cock. Geoff moaned and his fingers speared through Jared’s shaggy brown hair, tugging.

“Yes,” the vampire hissed, hips rocking, pushing in and out. “Teeth, pup. Give me your teeth.”

Growling at the diminutive name, Jared let his teeth lengthen and scrape the hard flesh in his mouth. Geoff shouted and bucked, fingers fisting as he thrust his prick balls-deep. Oh, someone liked that. Smirking triumphantly, Jared inhaled deep and bit down. A hard slap connected to the side of his face, followed a split-second later by rich, thick heat pouring down his throat. Still reeling from the blow to his pride, Jared swallowed convulsively and scowled up at Geoff.

“Bad pup. Never bite the hand that feeds you.” The vampire withdrew and tucked himself back into his pants. “Get up.”

Oh, fuck no.

Jared seized Geoff’s wrist and snarled. “You are not gonna leave me high and dry!”  With his other hand, he pulled out his own cock, giving it a rough tug while staring defiantly at Geoff, daring him to say something. The vampire stepped closer and Jared had no idea what to expect.

He sure as hell wasn’t expecting the kiss.

Geoff’s blood-sweetened tongue stroked across Jared’s lips, then delved between them. The stark contrast between Geoff’s earlier brutality and his gentleness now left Jared stunned. When Geoff pulled away, Jared felt himself leaning forward, almost whimpering for more. It was no ordinary kiss. Ordinary kisses were tongues and dueling and fighting for control. Geoff’s kiss was something entirely different. Jared wanted to resist the lure and temptation this man presented, but with a single kiss, the damned vampire ensured reluctant compliance on Jared’s part. Whatever spell the vampire wove with his lips and tongue, it tempered the beast, placating it until all that remained was the human side of Jared craving contact.

“Up. A shower, then more.” Geoff turned and started walking, not giving another glance in Jared’s direction.

Jared swore to himself. What the hell? A few minutes ago, he was ready to split this man in two on his cock. Now, he was too intrigued to do anything but follow. Tucking himself back into his pants and shaking his head at his own scrambled priorities, he got up and hurried after Geoff.

“Do you always do this?” he asked after a few moments of silence.

“What?” Geoff smiled over, fangs bright in the moonlight. “Take strange wolves home?”


Geoff shrugged. “No. I could ask you a question as well. Why do you do what you do? Why the fighting?”

“Because it’s in my nature. A damn good way to release pent-up energy.” Jared glared at Geoff. “Why? If you don’t like it, then why were you there?”

“I was there to see you.”

Jared blinked. “What? Me?”

“Is that so hard to believe?”

“Yes? No? Fuck, I don’t know. I just fight.”

“Yes, to release energy.” Geoff stopped at a nondescript warehouse and pushed open a door, waving Jared inside. “There are other ways to handle it, pup.”

Jared growled, but stepped through the door anyway. “Like?”

A slender hand took Jared’s and Geoff led him down a narrow hallway and out into a loft-style apartment. “I bought this place several years ago. Painted the windows black, warded the entrances. No one disturbs me here.” He turned to Jared with a cryptic smile. “No one will hear you when you beg.”

“I do not beg,” Jared shot back.

“You will.” Geoff stepped closer, the scent of his arousal thick in the air between them. “When I am done with you, you will beg for release–release only I can give you.”

“You really are deluded.”

Geoff snapped his fingers. When Jared didn’t move, he wasn’t entirely surprised to find himself shoved to his knees. “When I snap, you will kneel.” The vampire circled around behind Jared and long fingers wrapped in Jared’s hair, tugging his head back, exposing his throat. “When I command, you obey. Obedience is rewarded with pleasure; insolence is rewarded with punishment.”

“And what makes you think you can force a wolf to obey you?”

Jared barely suppressed the groan when fingertips stroked the thick vein in his neck.

“Because you want to.”

Jared opened his mouth to argue, but the hand in his hair tightened, the slight pain a teasing promise. Pain, he understood. Pleasure at his own leisure, he understood. Pleasure for the sake of someone else? It wasn’t something he’d ever cared about. He took what he wanted, and more often than not, the recipient came like a rocket. But he’d already been denied orgasm by this freak with pointy teeth. And yet, he still followed.

“I can feel you thinking about it,” Geoff whispered, fingers stroking Jared’s skin. “No one would ever know….”

“My obedience.”

“Your obedience. It is all I ask.”

Normally, Jared would’ve laughed at the whole notion. He obeyed no one. His cock, however, apparently had its own agenda, as the slightest thought of debasing himself for this man–this vampire–in the name of pleasure, was enough to make him painfully hard. If anyone ever found out, his standing would be lost. He would be shunned for it. But equally strong was the promise of those fingers, the same ones that left his cheek stinging earlier now caressed his skin with surprising gentleness. Jared licked his lips.

“I am waiting, pup.”



His nipple was tweaked, then rolled between Geoff’s fingers. Jared grunted, hips jerking. “Yes…sir.”

“Mmm…much better. Now, show me how much you want to please me. On the floor, on your back.”

Jared turned and lay down. He stared up at Geoff, a slight shudder running through him. There was knowledge in those eyes he hadn’t seen before. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Geoff was far older, and had far more experience in this, than Jared did. Geoff undressed and Jared’s heart beat sped up as he took in the sleek, lithe form. Pale, smooth skin everywhere, his to touch. He started to lift his hand, but a single look from Geoff had it falling to his side again.

“You will pleasure me–tongue only.”

Before Jared could ask, Geoff was over him–more specifically, over his face. Jared inhaled deeply, cock throbbing at the strong scent of pure male just above his nose. Geoff reached back and spread himself open, giving Jared a tantalizing view of a smooth, tight hole. Forcing his arms down when he wanted to grab on, Jared slipped his tongue out, grazing that sweet, puckered skin. Geoff moaned softly and then came down, driving Jared’s tongue into tight, velvet heat.

“Yes,” Geoff hissed, grinding his ass on Jared’s face. “You belong to me–your mouth, your tongue. Every inch of you.” He moaned and rocked, movements quickening. “My wolf…” The muscles around Jared’s tongue tightened and spunk splashed onto his stomach, Geoff chanting his name softly.

The musky flavor filled Jared’s senses, every contraction of Geoff’s ass making his own cock throb painfully. His hips lifted and his claws scraped the dirty concrete floor as he struggled not to grab the vampire and take what he wanted.

Then slick heat surrounded him. Jared cried out, hips bucking, pushing his cock down Geoff’s throat. He felt, more than heard, the word ‘come’. Pleasure rushed through him, taking his breath away, and he couldn’t stop, the sensations going on and on.

Geoff licked him clean, then pulled back. He turned and leaned over, giving Jared a soft, sated kiss. “Better than any fight, yes?”

“Can we do it again?”

(c) 2008 Mychael Black