Ol’ Glory

“Ol’ Glory”
by Mychael Black

Kevin snubbed his cigarette out and watched the last tendril of smoke rise up only to hang lazily in the thick, already smoke-filled air.  It had been his fifth cigarette actually, and he still didn’t quite know what had drawn him to the little dive of a bar in the first place. It certainly wasn’t the atmosphere.  The word itself seemed too good for a place that was hardly more than a boardwalk pub on a beach.  The main room of the bar was relatively small, but it was hardly empty. Thanks to the sweltering heat outside, the predominant smell was not alcohol but sweat–the thick, musky scent of a room full of men who spent more time sucking each other’s mouths than the drinks in front of them.

The restrooms were even worse. They reeked of piss, sweat, and sex, and the first–and the only–time that Kevin had dared to venture into the restroom to take a leak, he had noticed the waist-high holes bored out of the flimsy walls of each stall. Their round, rough edges were rimmed in crusty white. While he certainly wasn’t one to turn down a good–or even a mediocre–cock-sucking, something about those cum-crusted gloryholes turned his stomach. It was the last time that he felt a bad enough urge for a piss.

The clientele didn’t draw him to Ol’ Glory either. He looked around, taking care not to appear too curious, and marveled that the place hadn’t been shut down yet. Prostitution was very much illegal in New Orleans, but in Ol’ Glory, it was in full swing–oftentimes quite literally. Either the cops didn’t know about it or they simply turned a blind eye to it; Kevin’s vote was on the latter. He watched as a crinkled twenty was folded discreetly into a smooth palm. A few minutes later, the young man led his john into a dark corner of the bar. Kevin watched out of the corner of his eye as the trick’s blonde head bobbed up and down on a fat cock. When the john’s head fell back into a thin patch of yellow light, Kevin suddenly realized why the cops ignored this place. Why would they shut a place down when the sheriff himself was a regular?

“See anything you like?”

Kevin nearly jumped out of his skin. He hadn’t even realized that someone had sat down beside him. He turned fully around and was met with another surprise. A young man, who couldn’t have been much older than twenty, sat watching him with eyes the color of jade. His full, gloss-slick lips were curled into a provocatively innocent grin.

“I didn’t mean to scare you,” the young man said sweetly. He held out a slender, smooth hand. “Name’s Blaze.”

Kevin shook his hand tentatively and noted the spiky hair, dyed fire-engine red, which framed an angelic face. “Blaze, huh? No doubt due to your hair, I would assume.”

“Yup! Like it?” The young man twisted on his stool, showing Kevin his hair from every angle possible. “Just dyed it last week. So, what’s your name?”

Kevin wondered just where this was going, but when he noticed the bulge in one of Blaze’s pockets, he realized quickly what the young man was after. He killed the last of his rum and Coke and looked over at him.

“What’s your real name? No nicknames, just your first name.”

Blaze looked vaguely apprehensive, but leaned over and whispered, “Aiden.”

Kevin grinned. “Good to meet you, Aiden. I’m Kevin.” He held out his hand and felt a flicker of heat pass between their palms. He had never picked up a trick before, but Aiden was unusual enough to actually make him consider it.

“You never did answer my question,” Aiden said with a grin.

Kevin paused as he lit up another cigarette. He looked at Aiden out of the corner of his eye. “I might,” he said, the cigarette held tightly between his lips.

Aiden surprised him by reaching over and plucking the cigarette out of his mouth. He took a deep drag and blew it back out in a slow exhale. He put the end back in Kevin’s mouth and smiled.

“Twenty bucks–you blow me or I blow you. Fifty and you get both. A hundred and you can fuck me once. Anything more and it’s negotiable.”

Kevin choked on the smoke and laughed. “What makes you think I want to pay you for sex?”

Aiden shrugged. “Your eyes; the way you watch me.”

Kevin had to admit–Aiden’s boldness was quickly becoming a turn-on. “All right,” he said with a nod. “Where?”

Aiden wasted no time in jumping from his barstool. “There’s a small storage room in back. We can-“ Kevin grabbed his arm quickly, silencing him in mid-sentence.

“Wait a minute,” Kevin said. “If I’m paying for this, we’re doing things my way.” A shadow of worry crossed over Aiden’s emerald eyes and Kevin grinned. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. We’ll start with dinner; then we’ll go to a hotel room. If I’m paying to keep you all night, I’m not gonna fuck on a grimy concrete floor.”

“All night?”

Kevin stepped up and placed both hands on Aiden’s shoulders in a firm but gentle grip. “All night. Five hundred; take it or leave it.”

Aiden’s eyes widened and Kevin laughed. He leaned down to kiss him, but before he could close the distance between their lips, Aiden did it for him. He moaned softly as Aiden’s slick tongue darted into his mouth. He pulled away reluctantly and smiled.

“Come on,” he said with a wink. “I know a great little diner down the road.” He took Aiden’s hand tightly in his and led him out of the bar.

The diner was a simple one–dark, quiet, and unassuming. It was just dark enough that it afforded a bit of privacy should Aiden do something to get them into trouble–something that Kevin had a sneaking suspicion would happen if given the chance. Once they were seated in a booth near the back, the waitress took their orders and promptly left. Kevin looked to Aiden and wondered how such a delectable creature ever ended up on the streets. When the waitress brought their drinks back, he thought to ask Aiden just that question, but his train of thought was quickly derailed.

Aiden pulled out his straw from his Coke, curled his slender tongue under it, and drew it along the length, all the while holding Kevin in a heated gaze. Kevin shifted in the booth seat and jumped when he felt Aiden’s bare toes curl over the bulge of his cock. Aiden slipped his glossy lips over the end of the straw and drew it in and out of his mouth. Kevin shook his head just as the waitress returned with their food. He tried to smile up at her, but she simply shook her head and walked away. He turned back to Aiden, only to see him blowing a carrot stick.

“Are you always like this?” he asked as he tried to regain his appetite for food when all he truly wanted was Aiden’s lips wrapped around his cock.

“Like what?” Aiden simply smiled like the angel he made himself out to be; Kevin was quickly learning how deceptive that smile could be. Aiden pushed the carrot stick into his mouth and pushed it back out with his tongue. Kevin watched as he swirled his tongue around the end, that sweet smile reaching out to torment him from behind the orange, makeshift cock.

He watched in growing interest–and a tad bit of alarm–as a devious sparkle flickered in Aiden’s eyes. Aiden held the carrot between his teeth and dropped his hands to his lap. When Kevin realized what he was doing, he looked around the diner quickly, praying to God Almighty that no one was watching. He looked back to Aiden and felt his cock jump in response as Aiden began stroking his own cock under the table. He watched as Aiden’s eyes fluttered closed and a soft moan escaped his glossy lips. The sound alone settled into Kevin’s brain, overriding all thoughts of food. He imagined Aiden’s slender hand wrapped around a slender cock, stroking it in a languorous rhythm.

When Aiden’s strokes sped up, Kevin felt his own cock straining to get out of the denim confines of his jeans. Aiden opened his eyes then, took the carrot from his teeth, and dropped his hand to his lap again. A lump formed in Kevin’s throat as Aiden held him in a tense, lusty gaze. Seconds later those jade irises clouded over and Aiden moaned softly as he came. He lifted the carrot back up and Kevin struggled to swallow as Aiden sucked an unmistakable white substance off of the carrot’s orange flesh.

By the end of dinner, Kevin had become convinced of two things: that Aiden was completely insane, and that it was going to be a long night.


Kevin slid the credit card style key into the lock on the hotel room door and pushed the handle down. He stepped to the side as Aiden walked in. He could smell the faintest hint of a rich, earthy cologne as the young man slid by him and he felt every nerve in his body jump to attention. He had never done this before, but as he closed the door, he figured there was a first time for everything. When he turned around, he found Aiden sitting on the bed. He was leaning back and had a Cheshire cat grin on his face. Kevin tossed the key onto the dresser beside the television.

Aiden grabbed the remote control and turned the TV on to MTV. Kevin glanced at the television and then back to him. Aiden shrugged.

“Drowns out any noise,” he said matter-of-factly. “I’m not the quietest person in the world when I’m getting fucked.”

Kevin felt his cock twitch at the admission and for the briefest moment he imagined Aiden’s shiny, slick lips sliding up and down his shaft.

“So, you gonna stand there and stare or are we gonna fuck?”

Kevin shook his head quickly and started unbuttoning his jeans. He shoved them down and kicked them off. As he pulled his shirt over his head, Aiden’s vinyl pants landed in a shiny heap on the floor in front of him. Aiden’s florescent red shirt quickly joined his pants and Kevin noticed the silver rings in his nipples. Once they were both undressed, Aiden slid back on the bed and crooked his finger, beckoning Kevin to him.

Kevin crawled onto the bed and couldn’t resist the temptation to slide his tongue up the hard length of Aiden’s cock. Aiden gasped and gripped his head. Kevin wrapped his hand around Aiden’s cock and rolled his tongue over the tip. Aiden groaned and thrust his hips up, shoving his cock halfway down Kevin’s throat.

“Oh fuck yea…”

Kevin milked his hand up and down Aiden’s cock as he slid his mouth off of it. He licked a slow trail down the shaft and over Aiden’s balls. He sucked one into his mouth and rolled it around gently. Aiden’s hands entangled themselves in Kevin’s hair, pushing and pulling as he writhed around on the bed. Kevin moved his mouth lower and slid his tongue down into the crack of Aiden’s ass. Aiden let go of his hair and pulled both legs up, revealing a sweetly pink hole. Kevin stuck his finger into his mouth to wet it and then slid it in Aidan.

“Oh God,” Aiden breathed. “Oh yea, finger my ass.”

Kevin leaned down and licked around the rim of Aiden’s asshole as he pushed his finger deeper. Then he turned his hand and crooked his finger up. Aiden’s hips left the bed as Kevin started making slow, light circles over his prostate.

“God damn,” Aiden said with a groan. “Keep that up and I won’t last long.”

Kevin grinned and pulled his finger out. Aiden moaned in protest, but stopped when Kevin reached into the bedside table drawer. He pulled out a small bottle of lube and a rubber. Aiden’s grin widened. Kevin sat back on his heels and unrolled the rubber onto his cock. He was beyond rock hard and seeing Aiden on his back with his ass spread wide open was nearly too much. He slicked up his cock and slid two slick fingers back into Aiden’s ass. He spread them apart and his pulse raced as Aiden’s eyes closed and his mouth opened with a moan.

He pulled his fingers out and pressed the head of his cock in. Aiden held his legs back even tighter and lifted his hips, further impaling himself on Kevin’s cock. Once he was buried in Aiden’s body, Kevin leaned down and kissed him. Aiden moaned into his mouth and Kevin began rocking against him, his cock sliding in and out of that tight, sweet heat with every stroke. Aiden was much tighter than he had expected, but he certainly wasn’t going to complain.

He pulled away from their kiss and gripped the backs of Aiden’s thighs. When Aiden grinned and mouthed ‘fuck me,’ Kevin was more than happy to oblige. He pulled out and thrust back in again. Aiden closed his eyes and groaned. He started pumping his hand up and down his cock, a sight which only made Kevin ram into his ass even harder.

“Oh yea, fuck my ass,” Aiden groaned as he jerked his cock hard and fast.

Kevin sped up his thrusts to match Aiden’s rhythm. Several seconds later he felt Aiden’s body tighten and his ass clamp down hard on his cock. Aiden grunted as his cock twitched, sending ropes of cum up onto his smooth, bare chest. Kevin buried himself deep inside Aiden’s body with a groan as his own orgasm hit. His cock twitched in the tight heat of Aiden’s ass and he ground up against Aiden as his cock pumped load after load of cum into the rubber.

When he was spent, Kevin pulled out and snapped the condom off, tossing it into the trash can by the bed. He collapsed onto his back beside Aiden and laughed. Aiden rolled over onto his side and gave him a curious look.

“What’s so funny?”

Kevin shook his head. “Nothing,” he said. “I’ve just never done that before.”

Aiden lifted a dark eyebrow at him. “Never fucked anybody?”

“No, smartass. I’ve never paid for sex before.”

“Ahh,” Aiden said.

Kevin shivered as Aiden traced a lazy circle around his right nipple. He rolled over and pulled Aiden into his arms, surprising him. Aiden moaned into his mouth and crawled over to straddle him without breaking their kiss.

“Are you always like this?” Kevin asked as Aiden’s hand wrapped around his cock, slowly bringing it back to life.

Aiden grinned. “Always.”

(c) 2006 Mychael Black