by Mychael Black

“Xun naut yutsu.” Do not return.

The shimmering barrier separating the tunnels from the world outside molded into solid rock, sealing the way home forever.

The dream jolted Kor’inth awake and he sat up quickly, banging his head on the low ceiling of the recess. The rest of the cave remained dark, but he was awake now. He fell back onto the roll of deer hide that served as a pillow and drew his hands down his face. Two years had passed since he’d entered into exile and the dreams still haunted him, night after night. And what did he have to show for two years? A hole in a cave wall.

In reality, a life of freedom, even if it was in a cave, seemed preferable to the life he’d once led. Unlike many other males of his kind, he went against the grain, shunning a lifetime of servitude… to the females, anyway. Then again, his taste for men was what had landed him here. Women were allowed to indulge themselves with other women, but between men, such things were punishable by death in his society. Being the Queen’s son was the only reason he’d been spared.

Groaning and shaking the haze of sleep from his mind, Kor’inth sat up, slowly this time, and slid out of the recess. The cave floor felt cool and a light breeze blew against the tattered cloth covering the cave entrance. It wasn’t quite summer, but the nights were growing warmer and dryer. If anything, Kor’inth greatly missed the cool dampness of the earth. He glanced around and took a quick stock of supplies. Everything he had was handmade, using skills he had acquired while under the rule of the Qu’ellar d’Z’ress — the House of Dominance. He had never given much thought to the skills of survival before, but now, he had little choice. Satisfied with the inventory, he lifted the door flap and stepped out into the early dawn.

The first rays of the sun were already starting to shine through the green canopy of the forest. The nocturnal denizens were settling down and as he stretched, Kor’inth watched the early morning stirrings of the world around him. It had taken nearly five full moons for him to get used to the brightness of the outside world, but now he found that he enjoyed it. He loved his morning swims in the pool near his cave, and the moments of basking on a rock in the afternoon sun were enough to keep him above ground for a lifetime. But none of those pleasures could wash away the ache of loneliness he felt in the pit of his stomach, the marrow of his bones.

When Serod had been put to death, it was all Kor’inth could do to keep from following his lover into the Eternal Abyss. As the others drank Serod’s blood in the time-honored tradition, Kor’inth had been denied even that much. Now he had nothing. Nothing but his memories, and those too were now slipping away from him with the passing of time. He needed someone — a man — to hold him and keep him, a man to serve for the remainder of his days, a man he could love and who would love him.


Kor’inth didn’t leave his safe haven in the forest until nightfall. Having been stripped of his magic, his only advantage in the outside world was the color of his skin. His kind weren’t unknown, but as a general rule, they tended to remain secluded and secretive. A female might venture outside, but a male rarely ever did. Kor’inth, however, couldn’t wait any longer.

With a dark cowl over his head to cover his hair, he nestled into the shadows, his ebony skin providing the perfect camouflage. From there, he waited and watched as people went by. The building in front of him had shown promise when he saw several young men led by others by way of chains attached to collars. Longing stirred within him, longing to be one of those young men.

Kor’inth closed his eyes for a moment to reign in his thoughts and desires. He needed to get in there, but he had no money and although many patrons wore little in the way of clothing, he doubted an unclothed dark elf would be welcome. As he opened his eyes, he became aware of someone watching him. His first instinct was to run. In two years, he’d had no contact at all, save for the creatures of the wild. But now? He felt as if he were on display. He looked around and shrank further into the blackness. Perhaps it was only his imagination.

“I’ve seen many females of your kind, but never a male.”

Kor’inth froze and every inch of his flesh prickled with sudden heat. He hadn’t planned on getting caught. He watched, not daring to even breathe, as a figure stepped closer. He could see the outline of a masculine body, but the man’s face remained hidden by the shadows. Nervousness skittered up Kor’inth’s spine when he realized this man had been watching him. He could almost feel the man’s gaze caress every bare inch of his body.

“You want to go in there.”

Kor’inth nodded slowly.

“You want to be one of them, to serve.”

“Yes,” Kor’inth whispered.

A hand extended, reaching down to him. “Come,” the man commanded softly. “I have some extra clothes in my car. You will dress and then we will go inside.”

Kor’inth hesitated for a moment before taking the man’s hand. The grip was firm and strong, and a fleeting thought of that hand wrapped around his cock pulled a low groan from Kor’inth’s throat. He put forth no resistance when the man reached up and pulled the hood off. Hair as white as newly-fallen snow spilled over Kor’inth’s shoulders and down to his waist. Out of instinct, he lowered his gaze and kept his head bowed. A single finger under his chin, however, lifted his head. When his own red gaze met a dark blue one, his heart nearly stopped.

The man stood much taller, nearly six feet to Kor’inth’s five-foot-eight. The man’s shoulders were broad and square, his torso lean and firm. He wore an open vest, and Kor’inth fought the urge to reach out and run his fingers through the sparse patch of black hair on the muscled chest. The hair tapered down the man’s belly and disappeared beneath the waistband of his pants. Kor’inth ached to touch the muscular, leather-encased legs, to kneel at the black-booted feet.

“Do you agree to follow my commands this evening? Without question?”

“I do,” Kor’inth answered quietly.

The man smiled and Kor’inth’s breath caught in his throat. Two impossibly sharp teeth reflected the scant sliver of light as the full moon emerged from behind the clouds. A vampire. Kor’inth remembered the stories of such creatures, but had never expected to meet one.

“Do I frighten you?”

Kor’inth shook his head slowly. When he managed to find his voice, he whispered, “No, Sir.”

“You have never seen a vampire.”

“Only in pictures and through stories.”

Kor’inth took in the sight before him. He wasn’t even aware of his own arousal until the vampire’s gaze shifted down and a predatory smile framed those teeth.

“What is your name?”

“Kor’inth Rothe, Sir,” Kor’inth said without hesitation. The vampire nodded and seemed to expect more. “Of Qu’ellar d’Z’ress, the House of Dominance.” Those dark blue eyes sparkled with something unreadable in their depths.

“Very good.” The man wrapped an arm around Kor’inth’s shoulders and smiled down at him when a shudder slid up Kor’inth’s spine. “I am Soren Winters. But to you,” he said, “I am Sir. If, during our time together this evening, I do something you genuinely do not wish me to do, it is your right to stop me. If you truly wish for me to stop, say ‘apple.’ Any questions?”

Kor’inth thought for a moment as they walked along, keeping to the shadows as much as possible. “No, Sir.”

They neared a dark blue car and Soren pulled a set of keys from his pocket and pressed a button. Kor’inth jumped when lights flashed and a horn sounded. Soren gave him an apologetic smile.

“I’m sorry. I forgot you would not be used to such things.” He led Kor’inth to the back of the car and opened it. As he rummaged through a black bag, he glanced at Kor’inth over his shoulder. “Now, is there anything you do not wish me to do, under any circumstances?”

Kor’inth had no idea how to answer. All dark elves learned about the human world, but when it came to choices, males were not encouraged to make their own in a female-dominant society. At forty-two years, he was still considered young by his own kind, and in all that time, never once had he been asked such a thing. He studied Soren, watched the muscles flex and move beneath smooth, pale skin. He thought back to times when he had not wanted what was done, and they were few in number.

“No wastes.”

Soren chuckled and straightened, something dull and black in his hand. “You have no worries there. As a vampire, I produce none. Blood is completely absorbed. Anything else?”

“No, Sir.” Kor’inth shook his head. His gaze, however, remained locked on the material Soren held.

“Have you seen anything like this before?”

“Only in pictures, Sir.”

Soren looked Kor’inth up and down. “Yes, I believe it will fit nicely.” He stepped closer and Kor’inth’s breath caught. The man smelled like the deep earth, the forest, musk. He smelled nothing like Kor’inth often thought a human male would.

“Are you afraid?” Soren whispered near Kor’inth’s parched lips.

Kor’inth wanted to shake his head, say no, anything to hide the actual fear he felt. Soren’s lips quirked in a slight grin. Kor’inth had the distinct feeling that the man saw right through him.

“There is no need to fear me.” Soren caressed the backs of his fingers down Kor’inth’s left cheek, a faint trail of heat following in their wake. “I will not harm you out of cruelty or spite.”

“I know, Sir.” Kor’inth swallowed. “I am afraid… but I want to join you.”

“Good.” Soren held up what Kor’inth realized was actually a garment. “While I do enjoy showing off my playthings, for tonight, you will wear this. Have you worn anything like this before?”

“No, Sir. I’ve seen things like it, but never worn any.” Kor’inth took the garment and held it up before him. It seemed too tiny to fit even his petite frame, but when he pulled, the rubber-like material stretched. “What is it?”

“Latex. Once it’s on you, I have something I’ll polish it with, to make it shine beautifully.”

Kor’inth glanced around, then at Soren. “Put it on now?”

Soren nodded, arms crossing over his chest. It took a moment, but Kor’inth managed to figure the garment out. He stepped into the leg holes and pulled the rest up. His eyes widened when he felt a strap wedging between his buttocks, while the front cradled his cock and balls. With Soren’s help, he crossed the straps in front over his chest, and slipped his arms through the sides, the garment forming an ‘x’ over his chest and torso.

Soren walked around him, as if inspecting. “Nice.” He traced a fingertip down Kor’inth’s spine, then between his ass cheeks. “Very nice.”

Unable to bite back the soft moan, Kor’inth went up on his toes, body moving of its accord to push back into the touch. Soren’s finger quested lower and Kor’inth closed his eyes. Never had anyone touched him with such tenderness.

“Tell me,” Soren murmured. “What experience do you have in this?”

Kor’inth whimpered when Soren tapped the latex strap over his entrance. “Only… oral, Sir.”

Behind him, Soren let out a low growl. “Do you object to more?”

“No, Sir.” Kor’inth shuddered and spread his thighs more. Shielded by the bulk of Soren’s body, Kor’inth cared little for what others might see and bent forward over the back of Soren’s car. “Sir… Please…”

“Spread ’em.”

Kor’inth did as instructed and moaned when a slick finger circled over the latex strap. He started to reach back and move the offending material, but Soren seized his wrist and pinned it to the cool metal of the car. With his other hand trapped between his torso and the vehicle, Kor’inth had no choice but to submit to the man’s will. The touch ghosted over bare, puckered flesh, then moved back over latex. Kor’inth’s cock hardened and the rubbery material grew tighter against his body.

“Like that, do you?” Soren pressed in the tip of his finger and Kor’inth whimpered. “That’s it,” the vampire purred. “Let me in.”

His breath caught in his throat, Kor’inth felt himself give way to the welcome intrusion. No one — not even his one lover before — had done such a thing. Despite his natural subservient station in life, his status as a prince kept him virginal until his fate was decided amongst the others. Now, he held it in his own hands…

The finger plunged inside him and rubbed lightly over something deep within that made Kor’inth’s knees buckle and his insides twist into pleasurable knots.

“You’re thinking too hard,” Soren whispered. “Let it go, Kor’inth. They no longer control you…”

Kor’inth gasped as one finger became two, stretching him deliciously, if a bit painfully.

“But I do.”

“Sir.” Kor’inth moaned and pushed back while Soren stroked in and out. Every withdrawal and re-entry took his breath away. “Sir, please,” he begged. “I can’t…”

“You will.”

The fingers disappeared completely, but before he could mourn their loss, something harder and much thicker replaced them. Kor’inth rose onto his toes, forearm and forehead pressing onto the cold metal as his body engulfed the unforgiving thing. Then the burn subsided and nothing but fullness remained. The contraption lodged inside him kept his pulse racing and his cock hard as diamond. A sizeable hand gripped him through the latex pouch and squeezed. Kor’inth hissed, hips jerking. The movement made his sphincter seize, which sent the most incredible sensations straight through his body.

“By the time I’m ready, you’ll be begging to come.”

Kor’inth nodded frantically. He’d beg now if he could get the words out. Talking, however, seemed beyond him. Soren drew him up to stand straight and the thing inside shifted. Kor’inth’s eyes rolled back and he slumped against Soren’s bulk, shaking from head to toe. Soren chuckled.

“I see you’ve never had your ass plugged either, hm?”

“N-no, Sir,” Kor’inth panted. Plugged. What an apt term for the situation. He’d shaken his fair share of bottled ales with their corks in. He knew what happened when the cork was removed. Now he knew how those bottles felt. Every tiny movement built up more need, more intense desire than he’d ever known. He almost feared the removal later.

Soren slipped a finger beneath Kor’inth’s chin and tipped his head back. Dark eyes met his for a brief moment, then the world tilted on its axis when Soren’s lips touched his own. Kor’inth didn’t need the coaxing, but even the slight swipe of the vampire’s tongue made him shiver. When he opened, Soren delved inside, licking every inch. Without thinking, Kor’inth flicked his tongue over the point of one fang. Soren’s deep growl filled Kor’inth’s mouth and the kiss turned into something stronger, darker.

A large hand fisted in Kor’inth’s hair and jerked his head back, breaking the kiss abruptly. Wild eyes stared at him, predatory in nature. Gone was the Master in leather. Kor’inth didn’t know what boundary he’d crossed, but the second the bite came, the answer no longer mattered. Kor’inth jerked in Soren’s arms and held onto the man’s shoulders, not trusting his own legs.

He cried out and Soren bit harder. Then one hand dropped down and, with a deftness that surprised Kor’inth, Soren had his cock free. Thick fingers wrapped around his length and pumped him, from base to tip, with long, fast strokes. Panting, shaking, Kor’inth clung to his Master and shuddered, body spasming around the plug while he coated Soren’s hand in his release.

Soren licked the wounds closed. “Home,” he grunted. “I’ll be damned if anyone else sees this. It’s mine.”


Kor’inth barely remembered the way or the ride ‘home’. Soren lived in a nondescript brick house, the only evidence of his true nature being the black curtains in the windows. Soren turned off the car in the garage and Kor’inth followed him obediently into the house. Overall, it seemed like any other dwelling Kor’inth had seen pictures of throughout his life.

“Where do you live?”

The question snapped Kor’inth from his musings. “The forest, Sir. In a cave.”

One eyebrow rose. “I assume, then, that you no longer live beneath the surface like your brethren?”

“No, Sir. I was… exiled, for relations with another male.”

Soren sighed and shook his head. “I’m sorry. Rest assured, you won’t find such intolerance within these walls. In the outside world, it’s unavoidable, but here…” Soren gestured around the large living space with its masculine décor. “The only thing I don’t tolerate is dishonesty.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Very good. Now that we have the basics covered…” Soren sat on the couch and crooked a finger. “Come here and show me how much you know.”

Kor’inth didn’t need anymore convincing. He went over and knelt between Soren’s splayed thighs. Beneath the leather, he imagined thick muscles covered in dark hair. He bent down and nuzzled Soren’s crotch. The scent of pure male — of masculine power — filled his senses.

“Pull it out.”

He unfastened Soren’s pants and a thick cock pushed free of the confines. Kor’inth licked his lips, glanced up at Soren’s face, then leaned down. He drew his tongue up the hard yet soft length, and once he reached the tip, he sucked it into his mouth. Soren groaned, one big hand resting on the back of Kor’inth’s head.

“That’s it… suck it.”

His own cock hardening rapidly, Kor’inth sucked and licked, moaning around the silken steel between his lips. Soren’s other hand joined the first and Kor’inth shuddered when his Master thrust into his mouth. Despite the aching need building deep inside, Kor’inth held onto Soren, encouraging, silently begging. When the moment came, he dug his fingers into Soren’s hips as he drank every salty drop. He licked the last bit from the tip, then rested his forehead against Soren’s thigh. Soren petted his head.

“Rest, pet. There’s much more to learn, and endless time to learn it.”

(c) 2010 Mychael Black