Coming Off the Road

“Coming Off the Road”
by Mychael Black

“Wilson! Got a Roadway in bay four.”

“On it!”

Kelly Wilson typed the last two entries into the computer inventory, then grabbed his clipboard and a pen. Thank God it was almost quittin’ time. Then he could head home, hopefully out of the worst of the heat, and try to catch Isiah on his cell. God, Kelly hated it when Isiah was on the road, but it helped pay the bills and the homecomings were well worth the time apart. Having a truck driver for a partner sucked a good bit of the time, but Kelly had met the man here on these very docks, and he wasn’t the type to ask a man to find another line of work just cause he was lonely.

He wiped away the sweat from his forehead and stuffed his rag back into his front right pocket. Standing to the side, he waited for the driver while another dock worker unloaded the truck with a forklift. Jesus fuck. It had to be, what, a hundred degrees? In the shade? Okay, yeah. Texas sucked.

“Hot enough for ya?”

Kelly nearly jumped out of his skin. A second later, he spun around and whacked the hulk of a man behind him with his clipboard. It was either that, or embarrass the ever-living hell outta both of them by plastering himself to that huge body and kissing every inch of dark skin he could reach.

“Well, that’s a hell of a hello,” Isiah laughed.

Kelly scowled and wanted to kiss that smirk. “Goddamn, you’re a sight for sore eyes.”

Isiah winked and glanced up at the clock. “When can you leave?”

“Soon as I’m done with your truck. When do you have to head out again?” Kelly was almost afraid to ask, but he just had to know how long he’d have.

The grin Isiah gave him was all Kelly needed. “In two weeks. Gotta love rackin’ up vacation time.”

Oh. Fucking. A!

It took all the restraint Kelly had not to tackle the man right then and there. But…for that, he’d have to wait. He turned to face the wall and readjusted himself in his jeans, purposely ignoring Isiah’s laugh as the trucker walked off toward the main office. Oh, man…that ass… Kelly shook his head and turned to the task at hand. He so needed to get this done and get the hell out of here.

Half an hour and buckets of sweat later, he had the load checked, inventory entered into the system, and time card in his hand. He clocked out and grabbed his small, banged-up red Coleman cooler. “Hammer, I’m out. See ya a week from Monday!”

The dock foreman waved him away without looking up from a stack of paperwork. “Enjoy your vacation.”

Kelly made a conscious effort not to run out to his car. Soon as his eyes adjusted to the glare of the Texas sun, he spotted Isiah leaning up against the new Taurus, big arms crossed over a muscular chest. Dressed in jeans that should have been illegal and a black tank top that was only a shade darker than the man’s skin, Isiah Forbes was a fucking god. No doubt about it. And he was all Kelly’s. He unfolded as Kelly neared.

“You hungry?” Isiah asked as he opened the driver’s side door and got in.

“Depends on what you’re referring to.” Kelly went around and put the cooler in the backseat before getting into the front passenger’s seat. “What about your truck?”

“It’s in the back lot. We can come get it later tonight or tomorrow morning.” When they were both buckled, Isiah started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. “Now, as for dinner…” He grinned over at Kelly when he pulled up at the red light.

“Home. Now.”

Isiah laughed and the light turned green. Before Kelly realized it, they were turning down their street. Living close to work had its advantages. Isiah pulled up under the carport and killed the engine. Then he leaned over and one big hand cupped the back of Kelly’s neck, hauling him in for a kiss that made his fucking toes curl. He moaned and fisted a hand in Isiah’s shirt, sucking the man’s tongue into his mouth. A growl made its way from Isiah and right into him, rolling through Kelly’s body like water.

“Need you,” Kelly whispered breathlessly.

Isiah just nodded and let him go, then got out of the car. Kelly felt that stare like a touch on his ass as they stepped in through the kitchen door. The moment the door closed, Isiah turning the deadbolt, Kelly tossed his keys onto the counter and plastered himself against his lover of eight years. Isiah grabbed his ass, a cheek in each huge hand, and tugged Kelly up against him, mouth devouring Kelly’s in another hard, deep kiss. Kelly draped his arms around Isiah’s neck and thanked God he was small and Isiah was strong, because he just climbed up the man’s body and trusted in Isiah to get them back to the bedroom somehow.

“Fuck, I missed you.”

Kelly just nodded in total agreement, mouth moving down along Isiah’s neck, tongue sliding over skin the color of dark chocolate. Isiah smelled like the road: sweat, oil, dust, fresh air. But beneath it all was Isiah: warm, musky, a hint of whatever soap Isiah used that morning or the night before. Kelly couldn’t stop licking, couldn’t stop kissing, not even when Isiah put him on the bed and settled on top of him. The huge, muscled body hovering over his own had given him a rush that first night eight years ago—so strong, powerful, so much skin to touch. Isiah was as addictive now as he had been then.

“Goddamn, I need you so fucking much,” Isiah rumbled, breath hot on Kelly’s neck.

“Yeah, yeah. Dreamed about you, wanted you so bad it hurt.” Kelly tipped his head back and moaned when Isiah homed in on the sensitive spot at the hollow of his throat. “Isiah…”

“Right here, baby.” Those lips were on Kelly’s again and Isiah started working their clothes off with one hand, using the other to keep his weight off Kelly. “Jesus, Kelly, that ain’t helpin’,” he groaned when Kelly sealed his lips around an inch of flesh and sucked.

Kelly finally managed to peel himself away and grabbed the bottom of Isiah’s shirt. Isiah sat up and Kelly did, too, tugging the shirt off and tossing it to the side. Oh, God…fuck yes. Kelly ran his hands over the bare chest, fingers mapping every line, every muscle—hard from honest work, not from a gym. Isiah was beautiful. As unmanly as it sounded when describing a truck driver, it was the only word Kelly really knew. He looked up and met a familiar gaze.

“Let me ride you?”

“You really have to ask?” Isiah smiled and sort of fell, sort of rolled down onto the bed, tugging Kelly up to straddle him. “Jerked off thinkin’ about this,” Isiah said, hands running up Kelly’s thighs.

Kelly’s prick surged, desperate to get out of its denim and cotton prison. “Lube. Clothes off.” He scrambled off of Isiah long enough to strip, pausing midway as that huge cock sprang free once Isiah was naked. Okay, so maybe he needed a bit more than fucking right off the bat.

Isiah crooked a finger while reaching down to stroke himself with his other hand. “C’mere.”

After grabbing the lube and tossing it onto the bed, Kelly shook his head and crawled between Isiah’s knees. He circled his fingers around the base of his lover’s cock and, starting down there, drew his tongue up the length. Isiah groaned, hands going instead to Kelly’s hair, tugging it out of the ponytail to let his fingers slide through it.

Isiah’s flavor was as intoxicating as his scent. Pure, hard-working, one-hundred-percent horny as fuck male. Kelly inhaled, breathing Isiah deep into his lungs as he worked his way slowly up to the tip of his lover’s prick. Isiah’s fingers caught in his hair, urging Kelly just a little more. Eyes closing, Kelly lapped the clear drops from the slit and the full flavor burst on his tongue. Oh, God, he’d missed this. He lifted Isiah’s cock and tongued the hole, searching for more. Isiah rumbled beneath him, hips lifting, trying to push that thick cock into his mouth. Lips surrounding the head, Kelly gave the man what he wanted and sucked Isiah down, entire body going tight when Isiah started fucking his mouth with shallow, quick strokes.

“Yeah. Oh, fuck, yeah, baby…” Isiah’s fingers alternately petted his head and tugged at his hair, the both of them falling into a rhythm. “Kelly…shit…gonna blow…”

Kelly hummed and cupped Isiah’s balls, the black curls tickling his palm as he rolled the sac gently. Isiah grunted and thrust, pushing his cock deep as jets of spunk shot down Kelly’s throat. Kelly swallowed quickly, moaning and practically humping the mattress. He licked Isiah’s prick clean and within seconds, found himself on his back, Isiah’s mouth attacking his. Isiah’s thighs kept Kelly’s legs spread wide open and two long, slick fingers slipped right inside him. Kelly arched, mewling into Isiah’s mouth, helpless and writhing as Isiah tongue-fucked his lips and finger-fucked his ass until he thought he was going to explode.

“That’s it, baby,” Isiah murmured, moving lower to suck Kelly’s left nipple.

“Isiah, please!” Kelly thrashed, hips bucking as the fingers inside him repeatedly pegged his gland, stroking, driving him fucking mad. Teeth grazed his nipple and he cried out, fingers digging into Isiah’s shoulders, cock so goddamn hard, it hurt.

Then Isiah let go, rose up, and surged inside, cock hard again, and oh, sweet fuck… “Holy fuck, you’re tight, baby.”

“Been…oh, shit…” Kelly gasped and wrapped his legs around Isiah’s waist, hips lifting to let Isiah go deeper. “Fuck! Oh, fuck…been…a while…”

Isiah nodded and pulled Kelly’s arms down. Linking their fingers, he pinned Kelly’s hands to the pillow and thrust his tongue into Kelly’s mouth. Kelly bucked, entire body on fire with every deep stroke. The friction on his prick where it rubbed between their bodies only added fuel to the inferno and Kelly simply lost it. Tearing away from the kiss, he shouted, hips jerking wildly, fucking himself on Isiah’s cock as his own swelled, come splashing onto his stomach.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Isiah growled. He came down on Kelly’s neck, teeth scraping, hips slamming into Kelly’s ass until, with a harsh, guttural groan, he came, cock pumping heat deep inside Kelly.

Panting, spent, and utterly boneless, Kelly all but melted into the damn mattress, legs and arms going limp. “Jesus. Needed that, so fucking much.”

Isiah nodded and lifted his head, giving Kelly a soft, easy kiss as he pulled out. “Same here, baby.”


Kelly rubbed the sleep from his eyes and blinked a few times until they focused. He sat up when he realized he was alone. “Isiah?”

“In the kitchen.”

He slid out of bed and pulled on his boxers. The rich smell of freshly brewed coffee lured him down the hall and toward the kitchen. “Oh, man. Smells good, babe.” He yawned and stretched, then smiled. God, it was so fucking awesome to see his lover sitting at the table, reading the newspaper while sipping on coffee.

Isiah looked up and grinned. “French roast. You hungry?”

“Yeah, actually. My body remembers more fucking than eating last night.”

Isiah laughed and set the paper down. Pushing back his chair, he patted his thigh. “What’re you in the mood for?”

Kelly straddled his lover’s legs, arms draped over Isiah’s shoulders. “Hmm, how about IHOP?”

“That works.” Isiah cupped a hand behind Kelly’s neck and pulled him close. “How about a kiss first?”

“Like you have to ask?”

Kelly didn’t give the man a chance to answer. He covered Isiah’s mouth with his own, tongue teasing his lover’s lips open. Isiah groaned and Kelly shivered, pressing closer as he deepened the kiss. Isiah tasted like coffee with a hint of sugar, sweet and rich. Utterly delicious.

“Does IHOP deliver?” Kelly murmured, moving his mouth lower, licking his way down Isiah’s neck.

Isiah chuckled and tipped his head, giving Kelly plenty of room. “Afraid not, babe. Why? Comfy?”

The question was joined by the rock of Isiah’s hips, the motion gliding his hardening cock along the crack of Kelly’s ass. Even through Isiah’s sweats and his boxers, Kelly felt the heat radiating between them. God, he didn’t wanna move, didn’t wanna stop kissing and touching. Isiah’s hands rested on his hips, slowly pushing and pulling, grinding Kelly downward. He hadn’t woken up horny, but goddamn, Kelly was now. His own prick rubbed against the silk of his boxers, every glide pure torture.

“We could always shower first, then deal with breakfast,” Isiah murmured.

Syrup-drenched pancakes–good. Soap-slick male–even fucking better. Kelly scooted off Isiah’s lap and headed for the bathroom. “If you want your cock sucked, then get your ass in here.”

“Right behind ya.” Isiah crowded Kelly into the small bathroom, one hand on Kelly’s ass, giving it a firm squeeze.

Kelly bent and turned the water on, taking great care to push back against Isiah’s hand. His boxers were eased off, left to slide down his legs as Isiah parted his cheeks and rubbed a hard, long cock up and down his crack. He just bent forward, hands braced on the edge of the tub, and groaned. Isiah rocked against him, precome slicking their skin, making the head graze smooth and easy over Kelly’s hole.

“Thought you wanted a blowjob,” Kelly said, albeit a bit breathlessly.

Isiah chuckled and stepped back. “Get in.”

The moment they were both naked and in the shower, Kelly dropped to his knees, hands moving up muscular thighs, then higher to frame the thick cock in front of him. He grasped the base and pressed his tongue to the tip, lapping up the sweet drops of precome. Isiah hissed and threaded his fingers through Kelly’s hair, not quite tugging but definitely urging. Kelly smiled and opened up, swallowing that gorgeous, dark prick right on down.

“Yeah. Fuck yeah, babe,” Isiah rumbled. “Just like that.” He started pumping in and out, slow, shallow strokes. “Goddamn, your mouth…so fucking hot.”

Kelly moaned, his prick hard as steel with every stroke of Isiah’s cock over his tongue. He wrapped the fingers of his other hand around his own shaft and fisted it, jerking off in time to Isiah’s quickening thrusts. The water rained down on them, but not so loud that Kelly missed the grunt, the hiss of breath seconds before hot, thick spunk sprayed down his throat. Pulling back, he licked Isiah clean, gasping as he sped up, hips rocking.


Huge hands went under his arms and hauled Kelly up, Isiah’s mouth coming down on his. Kelly went up on his toes, entire body shuddering as he shot. Dazed, he watched his come slide down Isiah’s dark skin.

“Goddamn, you’re beautiful,” he murmured.

Isiah’s soft laugh made Kelly smile. “Ditto, babe.” A kiss was pressed to Kelly’s hair and Isiah sort of walked them under the spray, one hand sliding through Kelly’s hair. “Got somethin’ for ya.”

“Mmm…” Kelly closed his eyes and leaned into Isiah’s touch. “Yeah? What is it?”

“You’ll see.”

Kelly grinned and looked up. “Tease.”

“But I always deliver.”

“Oh, yeah.” Kelly draped his arms around Isiah’s neck and tugged the man down for another slow, deep kiss. When they parted, he stepped back enough so they could both wash. “Shower, then goodies.”

Laughing, Isiah just shook his head before tipping it back to wash his hair. “Sounds good to me.”

Once they were both clean, Kelly got out first and dried off. Then he handed another towel to Isiah before wrapping his own around his waist. “So, where is it?”

“Where is what?” Isiah’s voice was muffled by the towel, but Kelly knew the man was smirking behind the terrycloth. He just knew. He whacked Isiah’s shoulder.

“Whatever it is that you got me, smartass.”

“Oh…” Isiah finished drying, then tossed the towel into the hamper. “On the couch in the gift-wrapped box marked ‘Kelly’.”

“Okay…” Kelly left the bathroom and made a beeline down the hall to the living room. He sat down on the sofa and stared for a second at the box. It wasn’t huge, but it was big. When he picked it up, he realized it was also somewhat heavy. “What the hell…?”

Isiah sat down in the recliner across from him as Kelly tore off the paper. When Kelly tossed the trash onto the couch, Isiah handed him a pocket knife. Kelly cut the seal on the box carefully, put the knife down, and opened the box lid.

“Holy shit!” Eyes wide, mouth hanging open, Kelly wiggled and lifted until the Styrofoam-cradled laptop popped out. “Wow.”

“Knew you needed a new one.”

Kelly set the laptop to the side and jumped off the couch, attacking Isiah in a hard hug and an equally hard kiss. “Thank you! Oh, damn. When did you get it?”

“About three days ago. Found the ad for it online, then hunted it down in Staples,” Isiah said, hands on Kelly’s hips. “I take it you like it,” he laughed.

“Are you kidding? I love it!”

“Now you can record vids, take pics, and send ’em without worrying about your laptop overheating.” Isiah wiggled his eyebrows and Kelly laughed.

“Oh, I see. Ulterior motives, huh?”

Isiah shrugged and grinned. “Maybe. Hey, it gets lonely on the road when your man isn’t there. Gotta have something to jerk off to.”

“You perv!”

“Can ya blame me?”

Kelly pretended to think about that for a moment before Isiah goosed him on the upper thigh. He squeaked and fell forward. “No!”

“Now, about that breakfast…”

(c) 2007 Mychael Black