Barside Psychology

“Barside Psychology”
by Mychael Black

“Dude. What do you see in him?”

Ty looked up, blinking owlishly at the regular who sat at the bar. “Who?”

The guy nodded toward Jack, Ty’s lover. “He’s… what… twice your age, man?”

Ty shrugged and finished wiping down the counter for Jack. “What does age really matter? I love him; he loves me.”

“You don’t ever think about trying out younger guys?”

“No.” Ty tossed the rag toward the sink. “Besides, you make it sound like a damn car lot, test-driving shit. No thanks.”

“Younger’s better,” the guy said, finishing off his beer.

Ty raised an eyebrow as the man got up and left the bar. He’d never thought about life without Jack. It was something he couldn’t begin to imagine. What about Jack, though? Did Jack feel like Ty was still too young? He had at one point, Ty knew.

“Hey there.” A warm, strong hand rested at the small of Ty’s back. “Almost closing time. You about ready to head home?”


Ty gathered up the last few napkins, tossed the beer bottles into the glass recycling bin, and wiped the counter down one more time. By the time he was done, Jack had the register sorted. A few minutes later, they had the place locked down and were getting into the truck.

“I could go with some food, darlin’. What about you?”

Ty nodded, mind in a million other places. “Sure.”

“Ty?” Jack closed the driver’s side door of the truck and glanced over, worry lines forming. “What’s wrong?”

Ty sighed and let his head fall back against the seat, staring up at the cab ceiling. “Do you ever wonder if I’m too young for you? If maybe I’m… I don’t know… too naïve?”

“What?” Fingers gripped Ty’s chin, turning his face toward Jack. “Where did this come from?”

“Just worried, I guess. Last customer was going on about the age difference between you and me. Annoyed the piss out of me, but I can’t help worryin’ if you still think I’m too young.”

Those fingers slipped around to cup Ty’s jaw and Jack drew him into a soft, slow kiss. “Never,” Jack whispered. “I love you more than life itself, Ty. If it means takin’ all night to prove that we’re perfect together, then, by God, I’ll do it.”

“Love you, too,” Ty murmured.

“I’m thinkin’ pizza delivered, the couch, and a few good movies we won’t watch anyway.” Jack smiled and Ty couldn’t help but do the same. “And if a night of lovin’ doesn’t chase away those thoughts, then I’m sure I could come up with a million other ways to convince you.”

“Sounds great, babe.”


Ty hung up the phone and returned to the living room. Jack lay sprawled on the couch, shirt off, top button of his jeans undone, boots on the floor beside the coffee table. Ty just sort of froze, barely aware of anything but the sight of that body all laid out, just for him. Jack might’ve been forty-two, but damn, the man sure didn’t look it.

“C’mere, darlin’.”

Ty walked over, tugging his T-shirt over his head before he even reached the couch. He balanced on first one foot, then the other, as he toed off his boots. Then he took Jack’s outstretched hand and settled between muscular thighs, their bodies pressed together in just the right places. One of them groaned and Ty figured it could’ve easily been him.

Jack spread his legs and Ty knelt between them, knees anchored as he rubbed a little. “Ty.” Jack’s hands ran along Ty’s arms, over his shoulders, then down his back. Jack arched, moaning when Ty dipped his head to kiss and lick the bend of his neck.

“God, I want you so bad,” Ty whispered as he worked a hand between them. He lifted just enough to slip his hand into Jack’s jeans and his fingers touched hot, hard flesh. Jack groaned and Ty caressed, loving the way his cowboy writhed beneath him.

The doorbell rang just as things really got going and Ty grumbled, head falling to Jack’s shoulder. “Damn it.”

Chuckling, Jack thrust up into his hand. “Get dinner. I’ll find us a movie. I ain’t goin’ anywhere, darlin’.”

Ty took a quick kiss and got up reluctantly, muttering curses under his breath as he headed for the door. Wallet in hand, he opened the door and took the pizza box and two-liter Pepsi. Then he paid the guy and barely uttered a ‘thanks’ before closing the door and carrying dinner into the kitchen.

“Plate or napkin,” he called.

“Paper plate is good,” Jack said, wandering into the kitchen. He slid up behind Ty, arms snaking around Ty’s waist and lips drifting along the top of Ty’s right shoulder. “What’re you in the mood to watch?”

“You jerking off sounds good.”

Jack chuckled. “Well, I was referring to movies, but…” He ground his pelvis into Ty’s butt, damned denim creating an unwelcome barrier between them. “… I suppose I could honor your request, too.”

Ty put two pizza slices on each paper plate and shuddered. Just the thought of watching Jack stroke off made him harder than he imagined possible. He turned in Jack’s arms and immediately opened for a kiss, Jack nearly bending him over backward onto the counter top. Ty wanted skin, not denim, and he shoved at the waistband of Jack’s jeans. Quick to get the hint, Jack stepped back enough to drop them to his ankles, along with his underwear, and Ty licked his lips as he looked his fill.

“God, you’re…” He shook his head slowly. “Hot. Sexy as sin. Everything.”

Grin wicked as the devil’s, Jack leaned back against the kitchen table and spread his legs as much as possible. He took himself in hand, his other one cupping his balls, and began stroking, nice and easy. Ty bit his tongue before the whimper could escape. Jack’s head fell back and he moaned low and deep, hand sliding up and down his cock in a slow, steady, seductive rhythm.

“Jesus.” Ty’s own dick pushed insistently at his zipper, his brain shorting out. He went to his knees and nuzzled Jack’s hand where it cradled his sac. When Jack moved his hand, Ty dove in, sucking one of Jack’s balls into his mouth. Jack grunted, strokes stuttering and hips jerking. Ty released him and moved up, mouth replacing Jack’s other hand. He swallowed his lover’s cock down and hummed. Hands landed on his head, fingers kneading through his hair, and Ty started bobbing his head and sucking in earnest.

“Yeah… Ty…” Jack’s breathing turned ragged and his hold on Ty’s hair tightened. “Don’t stop.”

Ty shook his head. No way in hell was he gonna stop now. Sweet pre-come dripped onto his tongue and he moaned, speeding up. Jack finally stopped him and held him still, and it was all the warning Ty had before his lover started fucking his mouth with quick strokes. Fingers scrambling, Ty got his jeans undone and his own prick out. The second he touched his own heated flesh, Ty shuddered and came. Jack followed right behind him, gasping Ty’s name as salty thickness spilled down Ty’s throat.

“Mmm… now we can do dinner and a movie,” Jack muttered, petting Ty’s head.

Ty licked Jack clean and sat back on his heels until he could reach the dish towel on the counter. He wiped himself off, then the floor, and tossed the towel in the general vicinity of the small laundry room. “Yep. Perfect appetizer to dinner any day.”


Truth be told, there was nothing better than filling your belly with pizza and beer while watching classic George Romero zombie movies. Ty couldn’t help but chuckle. He’d seen all the old ones and a good many of the new ones, and while the special effects and makeup got better with time, the typical zombie portrayals remained the same: stereotypical and a bit corny. Still, a classic was a classic.

Stuffed to the gills with pepperoni pizza and Miller Light, Ty stretched out, head on Jack’s lap. His cowboy finished up the last slice of pizza, then bent forward enough to toss the paper plate onto the coffee table. Ty took advantage and lifted his head enough to lick one bronze nipple, loving the way it went taut under his tongue.

Jack hissed, hand cupping the back of Ty’s head. As he sat back again, Ty rose and climbed over him, straddling Jack’s thighs. Ty speared his fingers through Jack’s hair and all pretense of watching the zombies flew out the window the second Jack opened for a kiss. Ty dove right on in, licking Jack’s lips and tongue, moaning into the man’s mouth as Jack’s hands grabbed his ass and tugged him closer.

“Bed or here?” Jack half-whispered, half-groaned, head tipping back so Ty could get at his neck.

“Don’t matter.” Ty nipped the tanned skin and shivered when Jack jerked beneath him. “Just wanna ride you.”

“Aw, hell.” Jack somehow maneuvered them up and off the couch without dislodging Ty. “Legs around me.”

Ty obeyed, arms and legs clamping around Jack. Being the smaller of the two of them, Ty loved it when Jack proved just how strong he really was. Muscles moved wherever Ty ran his hands over that gorgeous body and Jack barely made even so much as a grunt as he climbed the stairs to their room. Ty grinned when Jack deposited him on the bed.

Propping himself up on his forearms, he watched Jack strip off well-worn jeans and his underwear to reveal yet more muscles, hardened by good, honest work. Then there was the other hard thing…

Naked, Jack smiled and stroked his cock slowly, giving Ty one hell of a show. “Your turn, darlin’.”

Ty lay back and undid his pants, then shucked them off, his underwear going with them. He spread his legs and Jack came over, kneeling on the floor between them. Hands ran up the insides of Ty’s thighs and when Jack pushed his legs up toward his chest, Ty grabbed the backs of his knees and held on. A moment later, wet heat flicked over his hole and Ty gasped, hips lifting off the bed.


Jack caught him and tugged him toward the edge of the bed until Ty’s ass almost hung off it. He bent and licked Ty again, the sensation spreading through Ty’s body like quicksilver. Jack’s tongue delved inside him, working Ty open until he was writhing and moaning, begging wordlessly for Jack’s cock. Two fingers stroked the rim of his hole, then pressed in, stretching Ty for more.

“Oh, God. Jack. Please…” Ty groaned and rocked his hips, Jack’s fingers sliding in and out as that wicked tongue licked around them. “Need. Oh, fuck!” He arched, shouting when Jack hit that spot deep inside. “Now!”

Jack chuckled and withdrew. Ty scrambled backward, giving Jack room, and the second his lover knelt on the bed, Ty tugged him down for a kiss. Their hard cocks rubbed together, drawing ragged moans out of both of them.

“Slick.” Jack pressed the lube into Ty’s palm and rose up.

Tanned skin flushed dark and Ty found himself torn between staring at his slick hand pump up and down Jack’s cock, and watching Jack’s eyes roll a little as he got the man ready. Before he could decide which was hotter, though, Jack brushed his hand away and leaned down, bracing himself on one hand while the other guided his cock. With one slow, torturous push, Jack slid into Ty’s body, taking Ty’s breath away.

Ty gasped Jack’s name, eyes wide as he gazed up into Jack’s. It never ceased to amaze him how perfect it felt, how natural it felt to be this close to his best friend. Jack smiled down at him, rested on both forearms on either side of Ty’s head, and kissed him deeply but gently. The rhythm unhurried, Ty let Jack take him away from the worries of life. It no longer mattered that Jack was twice his age. Ty knew damn well, despite what anyone else said, this belonged to them — this moment.

“I love you,” Jack whispered on Ty’s lips.

Ty nodded and wrapped his arms around Jack’s neck, kissing that smile. “Love you, too. Always.”

Jack dipped his head and nuzzled Ty’s neck. Then, without warning, rolled them, putting Ty on top. Ty sat up, the motion driving Jack deeper, and let his head fall back as he rode his lover. Their movements sped up at a steady pace and before long, Ty felt the heat building in the pit of his belly. He gripped his cock and stroked, eyes opening to look down at Jack. His other hand carded through the dark curls over Jack’s chest and he shuddered. Jack held onto his hips and rocked up, tugging Ty down at the same time.

“Yes!” Ty threw his head back and jerked his cock faster. “Harder.”

Grunting, Jack set up a harder, faster rhythm, body rocking and thrusting. Ty nodded, then arched, moaning Jack’s name. Jack hissed and his strokes stuttered for only a second. Then he bucked, grinding their bodies together as liquid fire pulsed deep inside Ty.

Dizzy and exhausted, Ty fell on top of Jack. “Damn,” he panted.

“That, darlin’,” Jack murmured, hands caressing up and down Ty’s sweat-slick spine, “is proof enough that age doesn’t mean shit.”

“Amen to that.”


The next night…

“You look like hell.”

The customer — Bruce, Ty had found out earlier that evening — glanced up. He looked bedraggled, like he hadn’t slept worth a damn in days. “Long night.”

“I can tell. You want another?” Ty nodded at the near-empty beer bottle in Bruce’s hand.


Ty got another and took Bruce’s money, then handed him the beer and his change. “So what’s up? Most guys come here to have fun with the ladies. You haven’t bothered to look at any of them.”

“My wife left me.”

Ty winced. Ouch. “Damn. Sorry, man. That sucks.”

Bruce grimaced and took such a long swallow that Ty thought the man might be trying to drown himself. When he set the bottle down, Bruce eyed Ty with a weird mix of skepticism and curiosity. “What is it with older guys? Do they have something we don’t?”


“Karen left me for a man twenty years older than her.”

“Oh.” Ty ducked his head a little, not sure how to answer that one. “Um. I don’t know.” When Bruce lifted one eyebrow, Ty shrugged. “Honestly, I don’t. Jack and I were best friends for a year before we finally got together.”

“Karen said it was… ‘worldly experience’.”

“Maybe. Maybe not. I suppose it’s different, depending on who you ask.”

Bruce stared at his beer, picking the label absently. “We weren’t married for long — ‘bout two years. I admit I’m not the most attentive husband, guess I could’ve been more affectionate, more understanding of her needs.”

“No sense in beating yourself up about it.” Ty began wiping down the counter, though he didn’t stray far.

“She said I wasn’t mature enough.”

Ty kept his mouth shut. He wasn’t about to point out that Bruce spent far too much time in a titty bar — more than he did at home, if Ty had anything to say about it. He and Jack — they worked here. When the bar closed for the night, though, they headed home and stayed put. Every once in a while, they’d go out for dinner, but they liked hanging together more, just the two of them.

“You got something good,” Bruce said after a few minutes. “Not that I’d go for the gay thing, but you two look happy.”

Ty smiled. “We are.” Since their boss had hired another doorman, Ty and Jack worked the bar together, the speed and efficiency of two people making everyone happy. Ty never realized just how much customers actually talked to the bartender until his first night behind it himself. He also discovered that most guys didn’t really give a shit if he and Jack were a couple, so long as they kept the alcohol coming.

Bruce sighed and finished off his beer. “Maybe it’s time I get my priorities straight.”

“Things’ll work out, man.”

“Yeah. First things first…” Bruce took out his wallet and Ty tried not to let his surprise show when the man folded a ten-dollar bill and stuck it in the tip jar. “Thanks for listening to me ramble. And for making me realize I need to man-up and get my life sorted.”

“Any time.”

Ty watched him walk away and had the feeling they wouldn’t be seeing Bruce for a while. He couldn’t help but smile at that. No wonder Jack had said being a bartender was like being a therapist.

“Hey, darlin’.” Jack bumped Ty’s hip as he came back from his break. “You holdin’ up okay?”

“Oh, yeah.” Taking advantage of the lull in customers, Ty cast a quick look around, then turned and planted a kiss on Jack’s lips. Jack blinked. “Love you.”

“Love you, too.” Jack grinned, then seemed to realize Bruce was gone. “He leave already? Wow. Early.”

“Look in the tip jar.”

When Jack did, he whistled low. “Good Lord. What on earth?”

“His wife left him, we got to talkin’, and I think he’s finally got it through his head that there are more important things that titty bars and beer.”

Jack just shook his head. “What did I tell ya? Why would anyone pay for a psychologist when they can come here and get the same talkin’ for the price of a drink?”

“You were right, that’s for sure.”

Jack winked as a group of customers walked through the door. “Been in this business off and on long enough.”

“Uh-huh.” Ty tossed out the napkin and beer from where Bruce had been, then readied himself for another round of drinks and talkin’.

(c) 2009 Mychael Black