A Play of Shadow

A Play of Shadow
by Mychael Black

Marcus Artorius Triarius. The name invoked fear and respect no matter where the man went. It was amazing to see the people — human and vampire alike — cower in his presence. Triarius ruled his people with an iron, but fair fist. He heard petitions brought before him and meted out the punishments if needed. True, he wasn’t the nicest person in the world, but… he was mine. While I held a healthy respect for him, I no longer feared him. Though it wasn’t said often, I knew he loved me, just as much as I loved him.

Right now, though, I wanted to throttle him. He’d been temperamental and snappy lately, and quite frankly, I’d had enough.

Triarius ranted about something or another, bitching about the latest bout of idiocy that crossed his path. I tried to stay focused on what he said, since I assumed he wanted me to give my input, but my mind was drifting, the play of muscle beneath leather entirely too enticing. Six months and I still wanted to jump the man’s bones every chance I could. He still wore his mask in public, but in private, he kept it off, knowing I loved him no matter what he looked like. And right now, he looked like he desperately needed a good fuck to calm his grouchy ass down.

“Are you done?”

Triarius whipped around, gaze narrowed on me. “What?”

I stood and went to him. Hooking a finger in the waistband of his pants, I tugged him close until we shared the same breath, even though breathing wasn’t necessary. “On the bed.”

“Excuse me?”

Grinning when I felt his cock harden and push against my own, I turned us and shoved him backward toward the bed. “Strip. On your hands and knees.”

Triarius blinked, but he did as he was told. Something about the way this man responded to my commands made me bold. Naked, he turned and crawled onto the bed, thighs spread, that gorgeous ass tempting as fuck. I got behind him on my knees and ran my hands over his ass cheeks. Then I spread him open, mouth watering at the sight of his tight, puckered hole. Triarius didn’t bottom very often, but every once in a while, I caught him in the mood. Like now.

I kneaded his ass cheeks, mesmerized by the way his hole clenched and released with every squeeze. “Goddamn, you’re fucking hot,” I muttered.

Triarius growled, hands fisting in the covers. “Lance.”

Taking that as the warning it was that he wouldn’t submit for long, I leaned forward and stroked my tongue up his crease. Triarius shuddered and cursed in Latin, and even though I had no idea what he said, judging by the way he pushed back, I gathered I was doing something right. Spearing my tongue, I plunged it inside him, nearly coming undone at the way his body rippled around me. Musky, dark — he tasted like power. The heat enveloped my tongue with every thrust inside and I felt the blood thrumming through his veins, its echo coursing through mine. I was lost, eyes closed as I plied him open with my mouth, licking, fangs scraping, tongue pushing in and out. Triarius moaned and rocked, finally giving in and just letting go.

He’d never beg, never ask for what he wanted or needed, but I read him well enough. I rose up and freed my cock, rubbing the head over his asshole. Triarius went still, not quite tensing, but not entirely relaxed. He didn’t want lube — he never did. He liked the burn as I sank my cock in, balls deep. Truthfully, so did I. It reminded me — us — that we were here. It shoved away all other thoughts and kept us focused, so nothing else intruded on the moment. Hands on his hips, I tugged him backward as I plunged in. Triarius shuddered and snarled, rocking back onto me. He was tight as fuck and the heat was intense as I thrust in and out, pumping hard. Triarius’ growls morphed into wordless moans, spurring me on. I wanted to feel him come, his body squeeze my cock.

Triarius balanced himself on one hand and started stroking his cock with the other. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back, drowning in the grip and release of his ass around me. With a guttural sound, he came, entire body jerking and gripping my prick like a vise. I was right behind him, shouting as I shot my load deep inside him. We both collapsed, panting and sweaty. I pulled out and flipped over, scooting close and draping one arm and one leg over him while he remained on his stomach.

“When will you ever ask for that?”

Triarius grumbled, face half-buried in a pillow. “When Hell freezes over.”

“Why? I know you like it.” I rubbed my hand up and down his back, tracing scars from past battles.

He turned his head just enough to look at me. “Honestly?” I nodded. “Because I enjoy it when you just take what you want.”

Oh. I blinked as realization slowly began to set in. “You’re serious.”


My initial reaction was one of shock, but the longer I thought about it, the more it made sense. In any classic example, a submissive man was normally someone of power. The act of submission was a purging, of sorts, a way to cleanse and let go in safety without losing status outside the bedroom. Damn. If I’d thought his obedience to simple commands to fuck was heady, it was nothing compared to the feeling of knowing I could go much farther. He watched me intently and I knew he saw the thoughts whirling in my head.

“Teach me the shadows.”

I thought I saw the trace of a smile, and then he nodded. “Very well.” Triarius pushed up, stretched, and slid out of bed. I never tired of looking at him, admiring the way lean muscles moved under intricately decorated skin. “Your first lesson is to clear your mind,” he said as he pulled on a robe. “That includes sex.”

“Am I that transparent?” I yawned and stretched, catching his heated gaze out of the corner of my eye.

“Stop that.”

“What?” I asked, feigning innocence while absently running a hand down my bare stomach.

“That,” he growled. Before I realized he’d even moved, Triarius had my hands pinned to the bed above me, kissing me so hard, my lip split. He groaned and licked away the blood. “Get up before I forgo the lessons in favor of fucking you.”

“Anyone ever tell you that you’re a bastard?”


When he moved, I got out of bed and slipped on a pair of loose pants. Triarius tossed me a shirt and when I stared at it, then him, he shrugged.

“I get distracted.”

I laughed and rolled my eyes, tugging the shirt over my head. “And you say I’m bad.” Hands slid around my hips and soft lips found my pulse point just as the shirt settled into place. I groaned and tipped my head, giving him more room. “Thought you were gonna teach me the shadows…”

He nipped my throat, and then stepped back, putting distance between us. “Yes,” he said, nodding as if trying to convince himself more than me. “Lessons. Come.”

“I did — and damn, it was good,” I said, following him out of our room.

Triarius just muttered something under his breath, sounding suspiciously like companions and one-track minds. I just grinned at his back. We went downstairs to one of the training rooms he’d set up just for my lessons. It was quiet and dark, total privacy where no one could find and interrupt us. He closed the door and with a wave of his hand, candles flared to life in the four corners of the room. We had a table along one wall, with an array of knives and swords, plus two chairs in the center. Triarius took his place in one of the chairs and gestured to the other.

“Calling them is easy,” he said as a smoky tendril curled around one wrist. He turned his hand palm up and the shadow coiled around his forearm. “Controlling them takes some work, but with proper concentration, you eventually learn it well enough so that it becomes second nature.” The shadow vanished. “Try it. Call one.”


“To start, close your eyes and concentrate on it — it’s appearance, its fluidity.”

I closed my eyes and willed myself to relax, letting the cadence of his voice lull me into something of a trance. When I felt at ease completely, I lifted my right hand, remembering what he said about dominant hands and magic flow. I opened my eyes and softened my gaze. A cloud began forming over my palm, growing darker as it thickened. It had no substance that I could feel, but the form was solid.

“Excellent,” Triarius murmured. “Will it into shape.”

I wondered for a brief moment what shape to try, but the shadow seemed to move on its own, elongating and thinning until it resembled a slender rod about eight or nine inches long. I smiled as I watched the rod firm, becoming almost solid. The thicker it became, the more I felt it — just the slightest tickle, growing stronger by the second. The implications of what I could do with shadows once I had control of them made my smile widen.

“Take your robe off.”


Gaze sliding to Triarius, I repeated the command, more firmly this time. “Take off your robe.”

An unreadable expression crossed his face, and then he stood and removed the robe. I licked my lips, taking in the exquisite body before me. His cock was already hard, standing out from his body, tip glistening. I curled my fingers around the shaft and drew him forward, smiling at the hitch in his breath when I flicked my tongue over the slit. Triarius wound his fingers in my hair, hands fisting. With a soft chuckle, I pulled him in, lips sliding down around his cock as I sucked. He growled and thrust, the hold on my hair almost painful. Silken steel slid over my tongue, back and forth, hot as hell. Sweet drops of precome filled my mouth and I felt his prick twitch, giving me ample warning. When I pulled off of him, Triarius let out a sound that was half-growl, half-whimper.


Focusing on the hard length before me, I ignored the way he tried to tug me back to him. I had ideas for this gorgeous cock. The shadow in my hand lifted and turned with nothing more than a simple thought on my part. I willed it into place, one pointed tip poised at his slit, then glanced up to meet a smoldering gaze. Shadows didn’t require lube — I’d learned that over the past few months. I also knew what it felt like to have one inside me, albeit my ass. Shadows moved, unlike any other substance. As this one began pressing into his cock, Triarius’ eyes widened and his thighs went hard. Fingers dug and tugged in my hair as the shadow filled his prick. I looked down and watched, utterly fascinated at the sight.

It might have been cruel to make him stand, but watching him shake was a pleasure all its own. The shadow slid slowly into his cock, making the flesh harder than I thought possible. He remained silent, aside from the occasional moan or growl — until I made the shadow move inside him.

“Lance!” Triarius bucked as the shadow began fucking him, throbbing and plunging in and out of his cock. “Oh, fuck. Lance. Please…”

“I love it when you beg,” I whispered, leaning forward to lick along his shaft. I could feel his cock flex as the shadow inside stretched it. My own cock ached, need twisting deep inside me.

“D-don’t stop,” he panted, trying to pull me closer. I shook my head, letting him know I had no intention of stopping. Then I swallowed him down. “Lance!”

His shout echoed in the small room, hips snapping forward to drive his cock balls-deep down my throat. I relaxed and just let him fuck my mouth, both of us moaning. The second I made the shadow disappear, Triarius roared, entire body jerking seconds before a thick load of heat filled my mouth. I groaned and swallowed every drop, licking his prick clean as I pulled back. Triarius, panting and rather dazed, dropped down into his chair.

I chuckled and rubbed my hands over and up his thighs. “You okay?” I got a growl in response and just laughed. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.”

“Something tells me it’s going to be a long night,” he said after a few moments.

“Why do you say that?”

He stared down at me, and then smiled slowly. “Because I know you. I’ve been accused of many things, but you’re the only one — aside from my Father — who ever had the balls to do anything about it.”

“Who is your Father, anyway?” It was something he’d never offered to tell me, and I never bothered to ask.

Triarius remained silent for a few seconds, then closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the chair. When he answered me, I barely heard him. Or, at least I wondered if I’d heard him correctly. “Dio.”

I blinked. “What?”

“Diocourides is my Father.”

Well, that sure as hell explained some things — like namely, why the Romanorum never actively pursued the Brotherhood. “Oh. When was the last time you spoke with him?”

“I don’t remember,” Triarius said quietly. “I left his home in 1230. There are things that many do not know. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him.”

“He gave you his blessing to leave, didn’t he?”

“He did. But enough of that.” Triarius looked back down at me, where I still knelt between his legs. “There are more important things now.”

“Like…?” I grinned, hands resuming their random petting up his thighs.

Triarius spread his legs, groaning softly. “Like how badly I want inside you right now.”

“That can be arranged.”

I stood and stripped, then straddled him. Fingers buried in his hair, I tipped his head back, lips and tongue tracing the scars on his face. Triarius gasped, hands flexing on my hips. It still surprised him that I wasn’t turned off by the sight of him without the mask. In truth, I preferred him without it. He seemed less like a god, and more like a man.


Planting my feet on the bottom rungs of the chair, I rose up. Triarius spread me open and slicked his cock with spit, then I sat back down, shuddering and panting as he filled me. I loved fucking him, but I loved this even more — times like this when we were both relaxed, taking our time. He circled my prick with his hand and squeezed the head. It was all the warning he gave me before the shadow’s descent.

“Oh, fuck. Fuck.” I couldn’t get anymore coherent than that. I’d played with metal sounds before, but this was different. Much different. Unlike metal, shadow bends, shaping to the contours of the body. It only burned for a second, and then I moaned, eyes rolling back as my cock was stretched and filled from the inside out. Words completely escaped me, my sole focus on the cock in my ass and the fullness in my prick. Hands on my hips, Triarius began fucking me, thrusts slow and hard and deep. I dropped my hands to his shoulders, entire body shaking, the sensations too much.

“T-Triarius. Fuck. Don’t stop…” I stared down into his eyes — one blue, one milky white. He watched me with an intensity that took my breath away.


One hand suddenly cupped the back of my head and then he was kissing me, tongue plunging into my mouth. I cried out, the sound muffled, his cock hitting my gland over and over. His other hand gripped my cock and I bucked, the pleasure almost painful as he stroked, the shadow moving inside my shaft. Then it was gone and I screamed into his mouth, hips jerking wildly as I came. Triarius growled and thrust up hard, every pulse of his cock filling me with heat. He licked my lips and I slumped down onto him, head landing on his shoulder.

“Holy fuck,” I panted.

Triarius chuckled and ran both hands up and down my back. “It’s amazing what one can do with the shadows.”

“It’s amazing what you can do,” I corrected him. “Though metal is just as fun in that department.”

“Mm, that could be arranged.”


He nodded and I inhaled, floating on the combined scents of us and sex. “Just imagine: restrained, ass plugged, stainless steel sinking slowly into your cock…”

“Fuck,” I hissed, rocking just a little. He was still semi-hard, growing harder the more we talked. “Or…” I pushed a hand into his hair and jerked his head back, eliciting a deep snarl and a glare. I licked a line up the middle of his neck. “You restrained, ass full, stainless steel in your cock, driving inside you until you’re forced to beg.” His prick swelled inside me and I smiled against his neck. “You like that, don’t you?”


Without warning, I sank my fangs into his throat. Triarius shouted, hands flying to my hair, tugging and pressing, as if he couldn’t decide if he wanted me to stop, or if he wanted more. I drank deeply, groaning and rocking my hips. Just the thought of this man — this demi-god — submitting, was heady. Outside of the bedroom, he had control. Behind closed doors…he was mine to torment as I pleased. I licked the wounds and kissed him hard, dragging a ragged moan from one of us. Yes, all mine.

(c) 2008 Mychael Black