At one point, I offered free stories on my old website. I’m now offering them again. Some of these may look familiar: whether you’ve seen them as freebies before, or, in a few cases, as previously-published stories that are now out of contract. All works are my own (with a few exceptions that were co-written with Shayne). Please do not repost them anywhere. You’re welcome to post links to the stories themselves.

All stories are (C) Mychael Black.



The Wrong Drink – a fun little story written in homage to a particular character actor. Have fun figuring out who! (No explicit sex.)

Vacation Planning – sweet but hot short between best friends. (Explicit sex.)

Hunger – vampire, werewolf, rough sex. What’s not to like?! (Explicit sex.)

A Lesson in Contrasts – a little artistic, a lot sexy. (Explicit sex.)

Dark Pain of the Night – please have tissues ready, otherwise you won’t see the screen. (Explicit, hilarious sex.)

Unravel – short and sweet, inspired by Project Runway. (Explicit sex–previously published in Another Fine Mess anthology)

Barside Psychology – Jack and Ty short from the Breakdown series. (Explicit sex–previously published as a Charity Sip)

Release – fight-club wolf meets his match in a petite vamp. (Explicit sex–previously published in Bend Over, Big Boy anthology)

Coming Off the Road – sweet, interracial short. (Explicit sex–previously published in Taste Test: Blue Collar)

Don’t Let Go – best friends, falling in love. (Explicit sex–previously published as a Holiday Sip)

Kor’inth – dark elf and vamp, inspired by the dark elves of Everquest. (Explicit sex–previously published in Toy Box: Latex)

A Pirate’s Pride – Silas and Ian from ‘Fool’s Gold’. (Explicit sex–previously published in Toy Box: Rings)

A Play of Shadow – Lance and Triarius of the Inferi Brotherhood series–may contain spoilers for IB/Romanorum series. (Explicit sex–previously published in Toy Box: Sounds)

The Ethereal Spectrum – art comes alive for one stain glass artist. (Explicit sex.)

Ol’ Glory – one man, one prostitute, pure porn. (Explicit sex.)

The Watcher – sex in a cemetery ends in horror. (Explicit sex–NOT a happy ending!)

The Holly King – a Druid meets his beloved God. (Semi-explicit sex.)