Stand-Alone Stories


Visions of blood and death haunt Richie England. A new serial killer is stalking the city, and Richie finds himself in the middle of a frightening pyschological battle with the killer and the spectres behind the evil.

As the detective in charge of the Vivisectionist case, the last thing Julian Anders needs is a damn psychic telling him about visions. When another body is found, Julian is forced to accept Richie’s help. The killer has seen Richie, and with his life at stake, both Julian and Richie need to find the answers and the killer before it’s too late.

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Bound By Leather

In the world of werewolves, to harbor submissive desires is looked upon with disdain. To be gay and submissive is a double threat. To satisfy his craving, Nathaniel seeks acceptance at a BDSM club…and is quick to receive it.

Master Raphael’s interest in the beautiful wolf is quite obvious to the club’s clientele, and it isn’t long before the two are paired for play. Yet, Raphael isn’t known exactly for monogamy. Could Nathaniel turn him into a one-man, or one-wolf, Dominant?

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Burkett Isle

Josh Finley is in an interesting situation. He and his current boyfriend, Ben Gregory, are friends with Josh’s ex, Joey Brandt. When they all head out for a weekend of relaxation on Burkett Isle, owned by Ben’s family, Josh isn’t sure what to do. Joey’s still hung up on him, but Josh loves Ben.

To top it off, a serial killer is stalking the lower end of the city’s population and now he has his sights set on Josh. The trick is to lure Josh from his friends, but how?

When Josh makes a gruesome discovery, however, it changes everything. And it may very well be the end for one of them.

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Nikky and Danny know they are different, and are perfectly happy being with each other. Yet, Nikky yearns to know more about his kind, for surely other werecats exist in the world. A chance encounter with a woman who could be his twin sparks a desire to research his murky past…but will Danny go along with it?

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Shattered Dreams

Sometimes happily ever after just doesn’t happen. Cody knows his lover, Li, is a demon. Yet he remains with him, waiting for Li to tell him the truth. The truth never comes, but Li’s brother, Vaul, tries to destroy Cody in a vicious attack. Because the demon seems to know every one of Cody’s magical secrets, Cody can’t defend himself.

What’s left of Cody is sent to a suspension chamber and requires twenty-cycles to regenerate a body. As the time passes, Cody, trapped inside a medallion, learns and grows more powerful. Anger becomes twisted rage that only thirsts for revenge. Near insane when he steps out of the chamber, Cody sets out to destroy every demon present at the attack, make Li pay for his betrayal, and to destroy Vaul.

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The Adventures of Captain Chase Sykes and Navigator Duncan Sampson

A campy sci-fi comedy/romance from the minds of Black and Carmichael. Giant assassin vampire sheep, a secretive jungle lord, saving the universe, and screwing each other are all a part of the every day life of Chase Sykes and Duncan Sampson. Galatic Interferion’s best men are at the forefront of all the action, livin’ and lovin’ large.

In the first episode of the series, Chaotic Insecure threatens the stability of the known universe in his plot to steal Interferion seeding crystals. Can Chase and Duncan stop him? Can they resist the seductive appeal of both Interferion’s worst enemy and the Jungle King in the short red tunic? Will they make it home in time for dinner?

As the plot thickens, all is not right in Duncan and Chase’s world. Bits and pieces of the puzzle fall into their laps, and they wonder if they’re working for the right side. Between invisible, crazed throat-ripping squirrels and psychopathic cyborg sharks; not to mention the prisoner with aquamarine eyes that can freeze a man’s soul or warm the hell out of it, and the demon with the piercing golden eyes and ruby red lips, who the hell can work? Duncan and Chase are more than willing to give it their best.

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The Cowboy and the Thief

What do a jewel thief, a stain glass artist cowboy, pink elephants, and a Nostradamus-believing faith healer all have in common?

Not a damn thing–unless you’re Adrian Williams, jewel thief extraordinaire–or Jamie Holland, the stain glass artist who stumbles into Adrian’s world.

From pink elephants to diamonds–and traipsing in a park fountain to making out wherever they can, Jamie and Adrian have their hands full. Ands omehow, somewhere along the way, they manage to fall in love.

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The Duke’s Husband

Jay Wharton and Devon Brooks meet and fall in love in merry ole England. Only everything isn’t so merry. Jay is the Duke of Wharton, and his mother doesn’t care for his relationship with Devon. The Duchess’ schemes drive Devon from England back to the United States. Unwilling to let Devon go, Jay follows him to the States and proposes to him. Devon agrees to marry him, and they are wed in a beautiful ceremony in Canada. What should be the start of a new life together slowly begins to take on a nightmarish quality. Is the love they have for each other strong enough to withstand the trials?

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Through the Dark

Jeremy’s cousin has been captured by the church and imprisoned, accused of being a demon. When the escape plan doesn’t go according to Jeremy’s planning, they are forced to seek refuge in Grey Constantine’s keep. Behind closed doors are secrets that can kill and both men give into an attraction that can bind them irrevocably.

Being a werewolf, Jeremy knows the moment he sees Grey, he has found his mate. Unfortunately, Grey is being driven to near insanity by his own brother and the loss of Grey’s lover, Rhys.

Haunted by his own internal demons, Grey tries his hardest to believe in the promise Jeremy offers him. When Grey’s brother tries to destroy them, they both must fight the forces threatening to tear them apart.

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When I Dream of You

Daniel’s life up until now has been hell. Living with an abusive father who hates what Daniel is has wrecked havoc on Daniel. When Daniel is attacked by two men for being gay, Karl steps in. After taking Daniel home to clean his wounds, a relationship develops between the two.

But everything isn’t fine. Daniel’s father becomes enraged when Daniel tries to move in with his lover.

How can Daniel and Karl find their way in a world where people believe they shouldn’t exist?

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Soul Debt: Repossession

When Aaron Jacobs’ twin makes a deal with the Devil, it can’t possibly end well. Then Aaron’s twin skips town, leaving Aaron to pay the debt himself. Aaron has no idea what to expect, but it sure as hell isn’t the cloven-hooved, horned wet dream who’s come to collect.

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Edible Decadence

Hello, everyone. I’m Kris Baker and I’m a chocoholic.

That’s me in a nutshell, really. I learned the art of candy making from my grandmother and opened up my own candy shop ten years ago. Things were going pretty good… until my only employee — my deadbeat cousin — quit on me. Did I mention he did so a month before Valentine’s Day? I would’ve happily dipped him in molten chocolate, but a green-eyed, mouth-watering hunk saved the idiot from his sugar-coated fate. By the way, did you know leather tastes good with a dusting of powdered sugar?

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TemperingSteeleTempering Steele

Dr. Alex Greene and his best friend, Dr. Darren Webb, have known one another for several years. They’ve danced around an unspoken attraction for most of that time, but since they’re both Masters in the BDSM lifestyle, they’ve never attempted anything more than friendship. That’s all about to change when Darren suggests they both sign up at the Black Velvet Society website.

Alex is, at heart, a submissive, but he swore off all chances of submitting after a bad experience years ago. He harbors an intense crush on his best friend, Darren, but acting on it would mean submitting. When a Master named LaCroix at a BDSM website suggests a week-long, online-only session, Alex takes the plunge.

But LaCroix has a secret all his own, and when Alex discovers it, everything changes.

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Ian Bishop, captain of Queen Raleen’s flagship, is a prisoner of war. So to speak. Tired of the human queen hunting his race, the centaur king Terian Thunderhoof wages war on the humans.

When Ian surrenders, Terian claims the disillusioned captain for his own. Thrust into a new life vastly different than the one he’d had, Ian finds himself torn between worry about what happens when the novelty of a human pet wears off…and worry that he’s falling in love.

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Andrew and his lover and cameraman Chris head a team of ghost hunters. When the Borealis, a cruise ship lost at sea thirty years ago, shows up out of nowhere, Andrew leaps at the chance to be the first to explore it.

Armed with cameras, EMF detectors, voice recorders, and plenty of provisions, the team boards the derelict ship. They don’t know what to expect, though they’re hoping for answers — and maybe a spirit or two.

What they get is far more frightening… and deadly. The ocean has its secrets… and some of them should stay that way.

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ChasingSecretsChasing Secrets

Dressed as a Dark Elf with midnight blue body paint and a set of chainmail-and-leather armor, Josh Ingram feels more at home among his fellow gamers at the local gaming convention than he ever has anywhere else.

Faron Krius is an Ichthian detective on the hunt for a murder suspect. He tracks the fugitive to Earth and follows the man right into a local gathering of video game enthusiasts. Now Faron has to wade through throngs of people, including one young — and very human — man who greatly resembles Ichthia’s most wanted murderer.

Is it a case of mistaken identity? Or is there a damn good reason why Josh has always felt out of place?

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The_Legacy_400x600The Legacy

Evan Reynallt has a past no mortal could ever understand. Reborn as a human, the fallen angel searches for the answers to a prophecy that will allow him to return home. With his human twin, Will, by his side, Evan finds himself caught up in something far more sinister.

Four hundred years after their vampiric turning, Evan stumbles into the one man he’s been looking for his entire human life. Protecting the mortal should have been easy, but Evan didn’t count on falling in love.

Morgan Adamson swore off all relationships two years ago. A modern-day American transplant living in London, he is perfectly content to be single. Then an image appears in his bathroom mirror, derailing all such notions of bachelorhood. But the man Morgan finds harbors secrets that may very well cost him his life.

(This novel has been previously published, but has been revised.)

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StormingLove_Meteor_NickMeicholCorinNick & Meichol & Corin
Storming Love: Meteor Strikes #3

When a piece of the Sanctuary 69 station crashed to Earth, Meichol finds himself on the outskirts of a destroyed desert city. Wounded, he prays he can find more suitable shelter before night falls. Before he can get far, though, he meets Nick. The human nurse helps Meichol back to a basement shelter with other survivors, and they strike up a friendship–and mutual attraction. But the struggle is far from over, especially when another meteor strike lands another Sanctuary denizen named Corin practically in their laps. The three men, from very different cultures and races, somehow manage to find a way to work together while struggling to survive.

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cantyouhearmeknockinCan’t You Hear Me Knockin’ (Set in Stone)

When Jacob’s eccentric mentor Malcolm dies, Jacob finds himself falling down the proverbial rabbit hole. Lucid dreams keep him questioning his own sanity. When he meets Christian, things only get stranger.

Is Christian real, or is Malcolm just trying to drive Jacob insane from beyond the grave?

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Sky’s the Limit

Despite his last name, Kelly Snow despises winter. He hates being cold and tromping through snow and ice. So, naturally, he’s called to inspect and catalogue a hermit’s vast library… in the mountains.

Dregan Stone has been around long enough to amass an enormous collection. Instead of gold and jewels, however, his hoard is made entirely of books — so many he’s lost track of what he actually has. He needs help getting his hoard organized, so a friend recommends a librarian.

Kelly and Dregan couldn’t be any more different, but neither man can deny the bizarre magnetic attraction between them. Dregan refuses to believe what it means, but that’s the least of his worries. What happens when Kelly discovers just what sort of man he’s working for?

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