Kitten Series


Shaun lives in a world where were creatures are treated as pets for work and sexual pleasure. Until a few days before his 18th birthday, Shaun believed himself a normal human. Days after his first change, he finds himself sold to the training institute. His breed, a rare white tiger form, is highly prized and sought after. Escaping the institute, Shaun is free until a human Master finds him.

When Ashley claims him, Shaun is at first resentful. Given no time to adjust to what he is, Shaun simply can’t accept who he is. With infinite patience, Ashley sets out to help Shaun learn to accept himself and to give new meaning to the label placed on Shaun.

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Kitten 2

Master Ashley and his beloved “Kitten”, cat-shifter Shaun, are back to face more obstacles standing in the way of their happiness. When Shaun’s stolen, Ashley does everything in his power to rescue his beloved Kitten–even crossing entire continents. When he finds Shaun, however, things aren’t quite what they seem to be. Does Ashley have a place in Shaun’s new life? Or will the love they’ve built crumble in the face of life-altering events?

Available at: Phaze Books