Clutch Wars

ClutchWarsBoxSetClutch Wars (Box Set)

Three exiles come together to preserve the dragon species from demons bent on destroying their clan.
Tia is the last female dragon shifter, and it falls on her to reestablish the species. Preservation of her kind means mating, which shouldn’t be a problem… except she doesn’t want to be a queen. Her escort Loren is taking her to the dragon king, Bryn. When a figure from Loren’s past attempts to quench all chance of their survival, Bryn and Loren chase the enemy into the depths of the earth, desperate to reach Tia before it’s too late.

Exiled by his father three hundred years ago, Regan left England and took refuge high upon a mountain. When he met Bryn, he let the dragon shifter take the mountain, and he joined Bryn’s clan. Regan swore off all relationships after his exile. He never expected to meet someone who could change his mind. Salutael is on the run, fleeing for his life, and right into the arms of the enemy.

Mason fled his brother Bryn’s clan years ago and made a name for himself as a premiere fighter in an underground fight club. Shane is a world-renowned scientist specializing in vampires and blood. When Bryn seeks help, neither man can refuse him. The clan is readying for all-out war with a demonic force hellbent on wiping them out. But demons don’t play fair, and Mason is forced to make a decision: stay hidden in the closet, or save the man he loves more than life itself.

The Navarro clan is hoping for the element of surprise. What they get is an ambush. When Korin finally finds the demons responsible for the destruction of his home and his kin, he wants nothing but revenge. But what price is he willing to pay?

Publisher’s Note: Clutch Wars (Box Set) contains the previously published novellas The Reluctant Queen, Regan’s Folly, Sub Rosa, and Sovereign.

Available at: Changeling Press