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Guest: Sean Michael

Mannies, Mannies Everywhere I love writing the Mannies novels. It’s become a tradition – I do one every year now, and Making it Work is the fifth book in the series. I wanted to do something different with this one, … Continue reading


Oh, my God. It’s COLD. The Eastern Shore (MD/DE peninsula) has a weird weather bubble, so the weather is freaky. But we managed to get a foot of snow yesterday! O.o Windchill in Frankford, DE, is 9 (temp is 21). … Continue reading

Revisions, revisions, revisions…

Lots of revisions in the near future. I’ve been tweaking Shadowkings 1 a bit, though I’m not sure if I’ll actually add anything major to it. Book 2 (Harbinger) is in-progress, and I’d like to get it done (or near … Continue reading

The Glamorous Life of an Editor

*snorts* Right. I love my job. Hell, I enjoy doing the edits my own editors send me! I’m just weird like that, I suppose. But, damn, it’s painful work. Not really the hands (though this cold is starting to aggravate … Continue reading

Guest: Thomas Grant Bruso

“Love’s Chances” By Thomas Grant Bruso The idea of online dating can be frightening, not knowing who is talking to you on the other end of the computer screen. Being anonymous and using a pseudonym is the only way in … Continue reading

Semi-unproductive day…

Well, today was sort of a bust. Been nursing a headache that’s threatened to hit migraine territory, though it hasn’t yet, thank the gods. Did our homeschool lessons, and a little editing after, at least. More editing tonight so I … Continue reading

New year, new start!

I very rarely make resolutions, so I’m not gonna call this new start a ‘resolution.’ With two of my publishers (one being a major pub for me) closing in 2016, and the closure of a major 3rd-party eBook distributor, I’ve … Continue reading

Guest: K. Laché

Valor by K. Laché Available now! Click here to see the trailer for Valor! Blurb It takes valor to support and love those who need it the most and never expected to receive it. For Rivet Scalzo, returning … Continue reading

Guest: K. Lache

There’s a network, underground, working to keep civilians safe. The honored echelons know about it. However, only the elite caucus has the skills necessary to be a part of the agency. No amount of money can gain anyone access—currency only … Continue reading

Guest: Zenobia Renquist

R-Rated Media Kit VIP Room Service (Other Related Duties #1) by Zenobia Renquist Let’s talk about sex…or more specifically, let’s talk about safe sex. Among authors (and I’m sure among readers too) there are two factions about the use of … Continue reading