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by Mychael Black

Detectives Cameron Marshall and Chase Ward are after a killer. Gruesome murders are plaguing their city, and Chase has a unique way of finding the victims. When his visions lead them and a team to an abandoned home, they discover the latest body. Another frightening vision tells Chase that there’s far more to this case and the murderer than they ever expected. Now they’re on the hunt for a murderer who can’t be caught by any normal means.

This story is also included in Haunted Hotties Volume I Anthology.

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DarkReignBoxDark Reign (Box Set)

by Mychael Black

Alpha Marcus Deleon’s about to go to war to save his pack from his ex-lover, vampire Dalton Gray.

Found: AJ remembers nothing about life before he began working for the sadistic vampire Dalton Gray. When Dalton’s plans go awry, AJ is sure he’s as good as dead. Then a mystery hero shows up and offers AJ something he never expected: a past.

Oathbound: Vaughn Burke is an Enforcer — a werewolf tasked to help their kind escape from the vampire Dalton Gray. When Marcus Deleon gives Vaughn a new case, it’s not exactly what Vaughn expects.

Atonement: Is pack leader Marcus Deleon ready for war? He better be. Marcus Deleon has spent most of his life saving his fellow weres from the hands of his ex-lover, the vampire Dalton Gray. Now he’s facing an all-out war after one of his Enforcers kills several of Gray’s guards. The allies he has to rely on can be counted on one hand until unexpected help arrives, bearing the fragile body of an injured were child and inside knowledge into Gray’s operations.

Fight or Flight: For Daniel Hughes, meting out justice on the vampires who attacked his lover years ago is the easy part. Dealing with the fallout when the pack discovers the truth about Eric? That’s another problem altogether…

Publisher’s Note: The Dark Reign (Box Set) contains the previously published novellas Found, Oathbound, Atonement, and Fight or Flight.

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SpiritsBoxSpirits of Abaddon (Box Set)

by Mychael Black

There’s no denying the attraction between Jesse and Gabriel, but Jesse doesn’t like vampires, and he purposely avoids Gabriel whenever he can. When Jesse witnesses a murder, he finds himself on the run, and his only choice is to turn to the one man he’s been trying to ignore.

Jesse and Gabriel have their work cut out for them the moment they step foot into Gabriel’s home world of Abaddon. With the elemental ice mage Lazarus they uncover the unthinkable: a plot to overthrow the throne of Abaddon itself.

Gabriel has a secret weapon in the coming war: Jesse. As a vampire/elemental crossbreed, Jesse possesses powers surpassing those of both his lovers. There’s little time for him to come into his full abilities, however, and it’s going to take a miracle if he and his lovers are to survive.

Publisher’s Note: Spirits of Abaddon (Box Set) contains the previously published novellas Bad Blood, Sanctified, Darkness in Paradise, Twilight of the Gods.

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TheHealingHeartThe Healing Heart

by Mychael Black

Toby’s been in love with Hayden for five years. When Hayden marries Toby’s sister and gets her pregnant, Toby is stuck fighting his feelings. The baby’s birth, however, changes everything — and everyone. Now Toby has to make choices he never thought he would make.

This story is also included in Family Time Anthology.

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  • Posted on 27. January 2012
  • Written by Mychael
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