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ChasingSecretsChasing Secrets

by Mychael Black

Dressed as a Dark Elf with midnight blue body paint and a set of chainmail-and-leather armor, Josh Ingram feels more at home among his fellow gamers at the local gaming convention than he ever has anywhere else.

Faron Krius is an Ichthian detective on the hunt for a murder suspect. He tracks the fugitive to Earth and follows the man right into a local gathering of video game enthusiasts. Now Faron has to wade through throngs of people, including one young — and very human — man who greatly resembles Ichthia’s most wanted murderer.

Is it a case of mistaken identity? Or is there a damn good reason why Josh has always felt out of place?

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DungeonCrawl4DungeonCrawl 4: Resurrection Point

by Mychael Black

Elijah Burrows and his lover, Sarin Eckhert, are off to do the unthinkable: defile a shrine to Laenasse — the lupine goddess of Sarin’s order. Sarin believes Laenasse will protect him, and Elijah prays the mage is right. But it may take a lot more to protect them both when Mirov discovers the truth.

With war looming over their heads, and a king hellbent on destroying all of Sarin’s kind, Elijah is forced to make decisions that no man should ever have to make.

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by Mychael Black

Andrew and his lover and cameraman Chris head a team of ghost hunters. When the Borealis, a cruise ship lost at sea thirty years ago, shows up out of nowhere, Andrew leaps at the chance to be the first to explore it.

Armed with cameras, EMF detectors, voice recorders, and plenty of provisions, the team boards the derelict ship. They don’t know what to expect, though they’re hoping for answers — and maybe a spirit or two.

What they get is far more frightening… and deadly. The ocean has its secrets… and some of them should stay that way.

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Arcanum3Arcanum: Someone Like You

by Mychael Black

Torquere Press

Detectives Jonah and Riley Pierce are back with a new case for Arcanum, and this one is full of surprises! Erin Grey, lead singer for the gothic metal band Grey’s Valentine, has a stalker, and not just any stalker. He turns to Arcanum for help… and gets the shock of his life.

With the help of another detective, Christian Knight, the Arcanum guys race to catch the stalker before Erin’s biggest secret leads to his death.

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  • Posted on 27. January 2012
  • Written by Mychael
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